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Don’t bogart that drugs policy, PM, pass it over to me.

November 1, 2009

The situation with the government’s drugs advisers is a mess.

Obviously policy in a democratic state cannot be formulated by ‘experts’ alone. The views of scientists shouldn’t automatically trump the other influences acting upon elected politicians. Plus, if an adviser to the government is openly criticising that government, it seems reasonable enough for the government to give said adviser the boot.

However, Professor Nutt’s complaints about the government seem justified and his frustration is understandable. The basis of drugs policy should surely be harm reduction, yet he has become convinced that the government is more concerned with short-term political maneuvering. The resignation of two other members of the Advisory Council suggests that the entire body feels poorly treated.

All in all this reeks of bad leadership from the government and appears to be yet another self-inflicted wound.

But I’m pretty proud of the post title.