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Standing up for Secular Democracy.

October 31, 2009

I turned up to join in this protest today. Islamist loons were supposed to be there demanding the establishment of Sharia Law in Britain. They didn’t bother to turn up. David T of Harry’s Place said that the Islamists were claiming to have received death threats but they probably knew that they were going to be outnumbered by the counter-demonstrators. Disappointing – I was looking forward to observing the crazed antics of Islam4UK!

As well as the nice multiracial secular democrats there was also a contingent of ‘English Defence League’-types. They were wearing lots of St.George’s flags, had a banner that said ‘March for England’, and most were skinheads. Standing next to them waiting to see if the Islamists were going to appear was a bit awkward.

The most exciting moment was when the police suddenly stopped the traffic in the streets and cleared the roads. Were the Islam4UK nutters about to arrive after all? The tension mounted. A large mass seemed to be approaching with a police escort in front. We could then make out that the police were escorting a group of about 100 motorbikes. Had the jihadis launched a motorised division? Frankly, I was terrified.

However, it turned out that it was a totally unrelated protest making its way through London. Motorcyclists demanding to pay less tax or something. It wasn’t very clear what exactly they were for or against. I guess it would have been difficult to distribute leaflets from the bikes. They soon passed.

Also spotted at the demonstration for secular democracy: Nick Cohen (who smokes in an odd way and has hairy ears), Peter Tatchell and Douglas Murray.


The rules of the internet.

October 27, 2009

As set out in the Daily Telegraph. Very good.


One of the worst possible ways to spend public money.

October 26, 2009

I am currently reading ‘The Islamist’ by Ed Husain. It is the story of one British Muslim’s journey through various Islamist organisations in the 1990s when he was a rebellious young man trying to find his political place in the world.

In the end he comes to his senses and realises that groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir, in which he was active for a while, are dangerous nutters who need to be opposed just as vigorously as extremists such as the fascist BNP.

On my lunch break at work today I was going to continue reading ‘The Islamist’ but I instead picked up a copy of the Evening Standard and had a look at that.

Imagine my shock to learn that £113,411 in government school grants has apparently been given to the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation – an ‘educational charity’ where three of the four trustees are members of Hizb ut-Tahrir. The Foundation is running three schools in Tottenham and Slough.

Unsurprisingly, this is also covered at Harry’s Place (which has a brilliant new blog banner – go check it out).

Hizb ut-Tahrir opposes the basic values that underpin British society. Their views are also considered extremist by most moderate Muslims in Britain. To have Hizb activists involved in running schools is deeply concerning.

How did this situation come about? Hopefully more details will soon emerge and policies will be changed.

Although this is an unusual example, I still feel it is indicative of the dangers of both promoting faith schools and handing over public money to independent organisations who are eager to run their own educational institutions.

Any political party promising to make things easier for religious and other groups wanting to set-up state-funded schools needs to explain how it will ensure that the National Curriculum is adhered to and how ideological lunacy is to be kept out of the classrooms.

Police puppycam.

October 25, 2009

Northumbria Police Dog Section have set-up a ‘Puppycam’ to show off their new collection of police puppies.

There is also a Dog Blog supposedly written by the puppies’ mother, a police dog named Heidi.

Here are some of Heidi’s recent posts:

21st October 2009 – “My trip to the vets”

I visited the vets this morning with my friend Caroline for a quick health check and the vet was very pleased with how I am doing. He said I was fit as a fiddle. I was glad to get back to my pups though. When I got back to the kennels my puppies were all weighed to check how they are doing I am happy to say that they are putting on weight nicely and they are all feeding well. Caroline say’s they are getting bigger and stronger each day.

19th October 2009 – “Sgt Jason Leith comes to visit”

Jason came to visit me today to see how I was doing and to tell me how the Dad Jack has been catching criminals.

19th October 2009 – “My puppies love to sleep”

I was in the middle of feeding the pups today when my owner Rachel’s husband came to see me, it was nice to see a familiar face. My puppies are all similar and a good size for their age especially being from such a big litter. Some are black and tan and look like mini versions of me and the rest have sable coats like their dad. They are very content and peaceful which means they are being well fed and are nice and warm.


All very cute.

However, I am concerned that the TaxPayers’ Alliance will be furious if they find out about this. The TPA are heartless bastards when it comes to cutting public spending on human beings – I can only imagine how ruthless they would be if they got to carry out their budget-reducing fantasies on the Northumbria Police Dog Section. Puppies tied up in a bag and thrown into a local river, perhaps?

Long may Northumbria’s Police Puppycam continue unabated!

Nick Griffin: “I’m scum and I’m a racist”.

October 23, 2009

Views from the sewer: Stormfront reviews last night’s Question Time.

October 23, 2009

For those who don’t know, Stormfront is a big website where white supremacists from around the world come to swap jokes about the Holocaust and complain about how difficult it is to find a girlfriend when you’re a deranged neo-Nazi. I won’t link to it. However, I thought it might be entertaining to see what the Stormfront community made of Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time last night.

Just noticed in a brief piece on BBC News24 that Nick is sat next to the ‘ darkie woman ‘
Good luck Nick!!
(rundown’s signature on the Stormfront forum proclaims: “White power! White Pride! White Revolution World-Wide!!!” and “Everytime you watch television the Jew takes a dump in your soul”)
First Question on Question Time =
Given that the second world war was fuelled by the need to disarm oppressive and racist regimes is it fair that the BNP has hijacked Churchill as their own?
NS Germany was neither opressive, racist, or a ‘regime’.
Racism is a term used to any White person who defends their nation.
How can a party be oppressive when it took power in the democratic process unlike the Labour party or Stalins lot.
Germania Magna:
No one is allowed to agree with Nick on the BBC, even though polls show that most British oppose mass immigration.
This is all about brainwashing the masses.
The Jews control Britain and the BBC and they fully intend to genocide the British folk through mass coloured immigration, for which there has never been a democratic mandate.
I don’t give a rats what this little arse Dimbleby says about the Holohoax. People are beginning to see through this ‘unchallengable’ Zionist shield, and it is being chipped away, much to their horror.
I think Griiffin and Brons need to be holding meetings in the back rooms of pubs every week up and down the country.
They will win support, get publicity, and the unwashed multi-culti-gay-lefties will eventually get bored with their protests. The antis turnout (dump?) today was pretty low key and did them no favours.
Nick’s performance was a bit average, though. When Jew Straw was going on about “the only party based on race” NG should have remindinded the Jew about his (20th century fake) ancestral homeland.
jack straw showed what a cretin he is, its ironic that in a debate about britain losing its identity, we had a jew arguing with a muslim about immigration to the UK and loss of our culture . no wonder we need the BNP
The jew, Jack Straw revealed is idenity and said he was a jew.The only mumbling of truth that come out of his mouth.
Remember, a jew is a jew and is behaviour was true to form.
The ugly Jew in the audience who said “This country put everything on the line to save my people” made me chuckle.
I thought it was quite a bad performance by Griffin in comparison to his other TV appearances.
I didn’t like his attack on Duke but at least he got the truth out by saying Duke’s KKK was a peaceful non-violent one. It reminded me of the old Griffin – a good nationalist and on our side but after the negress interrupted him with something that implied she was some sort of expert on the KKK just because she’s an American-born negress he seemed to retract that unfortunately and started attacking him.
The audience was a fix. It was at least half non-white and the rest were lefties. That Jew amused me with his yarmulke on. It was he who did the whole holocaust bit and it was expected.
Griffin in my opinion looked subdued and defeated most of the time. He kept smiling and applauding the negress and various audience members who interrupted him and made fun of him; he was obviously very nervous and kept his head down a lot of the time he wasn’t talking – or so I noticed. He made a few good points about the indigenous British etc which have all been mentioned in this thread before but the panel, Bumblebee and the audience kept interrupting him.
Nick cemented his position as a zionist mouthpiece with his support of Israel.
Shame on him. He made us all look stupid by refusing to tackle the issues that matter and as for nudging and laughing with the black supremascist Greer, well I wanted to vomit. Why would you want to engage with that creature?
“Don’t y’all mention the K.K.K. to me” or something to that effect it moaned.
Griffin taking the pee out of K.K.K. hoods, saying that he’s not a “nazi”.
He singularly failed to mention why we are called racists and why it is wrong, he wouldn’t go near the truth about the holocaust for fear of being called antisemitic, what a cowardly performance overall, the comments on this thread worry me.
Question time was a state sanctioned pantomime, with Nick being the tail end of the horse, firmly up the arse of Israel.
If this is our leader, we may as well start race mixing and give them a hand!!!!!!!!
This sample of racist bile and mentalism is pretty representative of the hundreds of posts made on Stormfront about this topic. It’s interesting to see how irritated some neo-Nazis are by Griffin’s apparent support for Israel. Others seem to accept that he needs to publicly distance the BNP from antisemitism, even though when BNP supporters gather on a forum such as Stormfront they are engaged in almost constant Jew-baiting. Stormfront is a funny place – people can make all sorts of vile comments but anyone swearing in their posts will be banned from the forum for a week! But reading the mad rantings of the Stormfront members certainly presents a different perspective on the Question Time proceedings.

Tonight’s anti-fascist protests at the BBC.

October 22, 2009

Along with several hundred other anti-fash protestors, some of the Paintbrushers and I gathered outside BBC Television Centre this evening.

My girlfriend’s camera is a tad rubbish and I’m not sure I was pressing all the right buttons, but here are a few of the results:


From a distance:


The crowd would periodically push against the gates. Some people threw stuff at the police. I thought this was stupid:


One of the best posters on display (made by the comrades of Hammersmith Labour Party):


To clarify: I went along to the protest because I think it’s important that Griffin is confronted with anti-fascist activists as often as possible. The BNP is a racist party led by ideological fascists – therefore Griffin can’t be treated like any other politician. The message needs to go out that this is a man with a history of political extremism and if he ever got into a serious position of power our tolerant, multiracial, democratic society would be threatened.

Saying that, I wasn’t wholeheartedly opposed to the BBC inviting Nick Griffin onto Question Time and I thought some of the speeches made by UAF members were nonsensical and made us all seem ridiculous.

More on the nuances of my position later.

In the meantime, here’s a great profile of Nasty Nazi Nick. What a freak!

Posties on strike – an individualistic perspective.

October 22, 2009

I’ve been a bit pissed off with the mail service round my parts in recent weeks. I made an online order for £12-worth of vegan marshmallow an age ago. I finally got a note telling me that the parcel containing my marshmallow was waiting for me at the local Royal Mail Delivery Office.

However, upon my visiting the office the postal worker on duty was not able to find my marshmallow parcel. He gave me a phone number to ring. I phoned back several times over the course of the following week but no-one ever picked up. I am currently marshmallow-less and unimpressed with the service.

Perhaps I should therefore be expected to be unsympathetic to the postal workers going on strike today. The intermittent strikes that have been taking place in London for months now have severely disrupted the service.

Not at all.   

The management’s inability to establish improved relations with the CWU is surely at least as “self-defeating” for the Royal Mail as thousands of its workers choosing to take industrial action over its future. Hiring strikebreakers and refusing to negotiate with the union at Acas are not the actions of bosses eager to come to terms with workers’ concerns. Infact they seem to echo workers’ claims that the Royal Mail management is full of obstinate bullies who are determined to smash the influence of the union.

On top of all this, the CWU were handing out ‘Keep the Post Public’ frisbees at the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival which provided a lot of amusement for myself and other Paintbrushers. Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier has never given me any free toys despite his very substantial pay packet (in stark contrast to the wages received by most of his workforce).

I therefore hope the union emerges as the winner in this dispute over how to modernise the Royal Mail.


October 21, 2009

The patriots of the BNP.

October 20, 2009

Responding to today’s news that former generals and war veterans are sickened by the BNP’s attempts to associate their extremist politics with the sacrifices made by Britain’s armed forces, the BNP have launched an ingenius charm offensive that involves slagging off the military.

From the BNP bunker comes this press release:

Those Tory generals who today attacked the British National Party should remember that at the Nuremberg Trials, the politicians and generals accused of waging illegal aggressive wars were all charged — and hanged — together.

This was the reaction of Nick Griffin MEP to the announcement that Tory lackeys Sir Richard Dannett and Sir Mike Jackson had broken all military protocol with their statement attacking the BNP.

Mr Griffin also pointed out that it was under Sir Richard’s tenure as Chief of the General Staff that the British Army put a limit on the number of serving foreign troops so as to preserve the “British essence” of that force.

“There is a prima facie case for charging Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, William Hague and David Cameron with waging aggressive war against Iraq,” Mr Griffin said.

“The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials set the precedent when the leaders of Nazi Germany were charged with invading other countries which represented no military threat to Germany.

Sounds to me like the BNP have spent a long time thinking about who they want to hang if they ever get their claws on power! At least it means we can probably assume that the top brass of the British army won’t be supporting a fascist takeover anytime soon.

In a comments thread over at Harry’s Place, Lee John Barnes (the BNP’s chief legal adviser) describes the generals as “whores“, “fools” and “war criminals“. He goes on to describe combat veterans Andy McNab and Simon Weston as stupid for criticising the BNP. Barnes writes:

My god, they should be ashamed of themselves. With themselves so obviously selling themselves to the Tories for political gain and the promise of Ermine to replace the gold braid, then this is a disgusting, amoral, sick political Tory stunt. I am appalled and disgusted by them all.”