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Battle of Barking and Dagenham 2010

May 25, 2010

I’ve just received the latest issue of Searchlight. It is fairly self-congratulatory, but deservedly so. After all, Searchlight’s Hope not Hate campaign in Barking and Dagenham contributed to the glorious crushing of the BNP’s hopes to gain their first Westminster seat and control of a local authority.

I regret that I didn’t get out there so that I could feel like I played my part. All my political campaigning activities have been restricted to within half a mile of Jako Towers for the last six months. Obviously I would have felt awful if the BNP had been successful. Therefore I’m satisfied with being slightly regretful.

I was disappointed to hear that Nick Griffin plans to step down as BNP leader in 2013. With his history of blatant Hitler-fancying, his ability to provoke even his closest allies into wanting to kill him, and his clear incompetence and general weirdness, we anti-fascists must be concerned that the BNP will find themselves a decent leader to replace him. However, that seems unlikely.

Anyway, congratulations to Searchlight. Surely everyone must now recognise the wisdom of Searchlight’s strategy of long-term engagement in local politics, winning the support of trade unions and other community groups and co-operating with Labour as the party most likely to beat the BNP in places like east London and Stoke.

Praise be that Searchlight were in Barking and Dagenham and prepared to patiently carry out all the canvassing and leafletting that they did. The ‘tactics’ of Unite Against Fascism – organise a noisy demonstration and more often than not these days end up fighting the police –  are worse than useless.

Searchlight is undoubtedly the top dedicated anti-fascist campaigning organisation in the country, perhaps even the world. Good on them.


‘Nazi Boy’ Mark Collett now trying to emulate von Stauffenberg?

April 4, 2010

A wonderfully wacky news story is breaking. Mark Collett, Nick Griffin’s BNP protegé and the party’s publicity director, has been arrested! For issuing death threats! To NICK GRIFFIN!!

Mark Collett of course famously told a documentary crew making a programme about the BNP yoof contingent (‘Young, Nazi and Proud’) that “Hitler will live forever and maybe I will too”.

It’s now emerging that Collett has got himself involved in a bid to oust Griffin as BNP Führer. In fact, to oust him to such an extent that he would be ‘an ex-BNP leader, this BNP leader has ceased to be!’

Perhaps Collett – convinced that getting rid of the dictator and bringing in fresh leadership was the only hope of victory – wanted to organise a BNP version of the 20 July plot.

Fascinating stuff. Hopefully it can only undermine the BNP’s election campaign.

Worried about Stoke

April 1, 2010

The media is certainly hyping up the possibility of futher splits in Stoke-on-Trent Labour Party being caused by tonight’s selection of Tristram Hunt as the Labour PPC.

Stoke is a place where the BNP have made inroads in recent years. The electoral gains of the fash have been aided by Labour divisions.

A controversial shortlist (no local candidates allowed apparently) for the Stoke seat has provoked criticisms by local party members. Some chap who is apparently the CLP secretary happily told a BBC crew that he’d consider standing as an ‘independent Labour’ candidate in protest.

We can only hope that Mr Hunt is able to calm tempers and unite the local membership for the upcoming election campaign.

Tory inconsistency.

January 29, 2010

Yesterday a topical debate took place in the House of Commons to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

MPs from all parties were – quite rightly – speaking of the importance of remembering the Holocaust and other acts of genocide and of never being complacent about the possibility of such events taking place again.

Tory MP Bob Neill, a Shadow Minister, talked about his visit to Auschwitz. He said that he returned from the visit (organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust) on the same day that Nick Griffin, the filthy fash leader of the BNP, was appearing on the ‘Question Time’ panel.

Neill thought this “particularly obscene juxtaposition” demonstrated how vital it was to be vigilant against Nazi-like extremists who want to spread racial hatred and undermine our democratic, tolerant society.

Labour MP David Winnick then asked:

Does the hon. Gentleman accept that although immigration is a perfectly legitimate subject for debate-no one is suggesting otherwise, certainly not myself-there should be particular care in the coming general election about how the debate is conducted? It must be very far from the BNP. If we are talking about discrimination and the persecution of Jews, we must bear in mind that as we saw in Stoke last Saturday, there are also other groups in this country who are subject to racist thugs who will use any sort of lie against the Muslim community.

To which Bob Neill sensibly replied:

The hon. Gentleman is right. That is why it is important first that the mainstream democratic parties are not afraid to address these issues, but also that we set a lead in the tone and responsibility with which we do so. That is hugely important.

So that’s all well and good. Mainstream politicians recognise the dangers of irresponsible, rabble-rousing politicking and therefore promise to avoid doing anything that could encourage things like racism and persecution of minority groups. We’re all agreed on that then.

Except that only a few hours later Tory MP David Davies was getting pretty high scores on the irresponsibility-metre.

Davies speculated as to whether one individual rapist could have acted in the appalling way that he did because of his immigrant culture and the backward views towards women held amongst his community.

Idiot. Whilst it would be nice to see David Davies devote more time to improving women’s rights, there could hardly be a more perfect example of a mainstream democratic politician setting a low tone and using irresponsible arguments. BNPers would have surely nodded their heads enthusiastically upon hearing Davies’ thoughts on the matter.

Next time a white taxi driver gets banged up for similarly horrible crimes will Davies go on radio and start discussing the problem with the white taxi driver culture that leads them to commit rape?

Somehow I can’t imagine that happening. All this Tory inconsistency is truly nauseating.

Complaint to Searchlight.

December 11, 2009

This month’s Searchlight is up to the usual high standards.

There’s a fascinating, though deeply worrying, summary of politics in Hungary where extreme nationalist and anti-semitic discourse is becoming mainstream. The article on the latest antics of the National Front also provides some good comedy value. The most useful piece in the magazine is the report on the situation in Barking and Dagenham – the London borough where the BNP are optimistic about increasing their electoral success.

However, I’m slightly annoyed by this month’s front cover. It depicts Barking and Dagenham as a monopoly board with all the properties being wards in the borough. The wards with BNP councillors have Union Jack houses on them.

Surrendering the symbolism of the British flag to the far-Right is self-defeating for anti-fascists. We should be reclaiming the flag from these morons.

A minor quibble, but I’m evidently still in a pedantic mood.

Why would Nick Griffin become Lord Griffin of Barking anyway? He was born in Barnet and lives in Wales.

November 26, 2009

A certain Labour MP seems to be arguing that we should oppose reforms such as increasing use of proportional representation and democratising the House of Lords because the result will be “Lord Griffin of Barking”.

PR and an elected second chamber = More Nazis in the legislature, apparently. So shame on anyone who wants such reforms.

Tom Harris thinks the retort to his characteristically sophisticated argument will be “Ah, you can’t stop the BNP by gerrymandering the electoral system. You have to beat them with argument”, to which he replies “And how did that work out in the European Elections?”

If Mr. Harris had been reading his copies of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight (or even if he had just spent more than 5 minutes thinking about the issue) he might appreciate that anti-fascist activism doesn’t simply rely on trying to stop the BNP through having better arguments than them. In-fact, relying solely upon such a strategy (as many advocates of platform-sharing seem to be) is pretty useless.

Far better to have A) mainstream parties offering popular policies that retain the support of enough people in communities vulnerable to the BNP so that the fash find it harder to get elected and B) mainstream parties campaigning hard on the ground and keeping in close contact with the voters in those communities so that the fash find it harder to get elected.

So basically Tom Harris’ arguments are tosh and he’ll have to do better to justify his sneering at supporters of reform.

Bonkers BNP bloke in Brussels speaks utter bull.

November 14, 2009

Andrew Brons, the BNP member for Yorkshire and the Humber, recently said in a European Parliament debate on EU-Russian relations:

“Madam President, before we criticise Russia for human rights abuses, we should look at similar abuses even within the European Union: countries in which opposition parties are physically attacked, such as Hungary, or attacked by the militia of the ruling party, such as even the United Kingdom, or countries that lock people up for non-violent dissent or ban political parties, like Belgium.”

Yeah wot?! Never mind Brons’ comments about Hungary and Belgium – is he trying to say that in Britain there is a Labour Party militia that goes around beating up political opponents?

Is he quite, quite mad?

BNP so-called ‘patriots’ have a thing for telling fibs about how awful their country is. This isn’t surprising – their whole ideology is based around hatred of modern Britain. They want to spread their miserablism in the hope that it will win them votes and power amongst similarly negative people.

As a former member of a neo-Nazi group that launched an arson campaign against synagogues, it takes some cheek for Brons to start accusing his opponents of orchestrating political violence.

But such is the messed up worldview of the BNP. What a freak.

Donald Duck’s contribution to defeating the Axis.

November 2, 2009

This is apparently the 22nd greatest cartoon of all time.

Views from the sewer: Stormfront reviews last night’s Question Time.

October 23, 2009

For those who don’t know, Stormfront is a big website where white supremacists from around the world come to swap jokes about the Holocaust and complain about how difficult it is to find a girlfriend when you’re a deranged neo-Nazi. I won’t link to it. However, I thought it might be entertaining to see what the Stormfront community made of Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time last night.

Just noticed in a brief piece on BBC News24 that Nick is sat next to the ‘ darkie woman ‘
Good luck Nick!!
(rundown’s signature on the Stormfront forum proclaims: “White power! White Pride! White Revolution World-Wide!!!” and “Everytime you watch television the Jew takes a dump in your soul”)
First Question on Question Time =
Given that the second world war was fuelled by the need to disarm oppressive and racist regimes is it fair that the BNP has hijacked Churchill as their own?
NS Germany was neither opressive, racist, or a ‘regime’.
Racism is a term used to any White person who defends their nation.
How can a party be oppressive when it took power in the democratic process unlike the Labour party or Stalins lot.
Germania Magna:
No one is allowed to agree with Nick on the BBC, even though polls show that most British oppose mass immigration.
This is all about brainwashing the masses.
The Jews control Britain and the BBC and they fully intend to genocide the British folk through mass coloured immigration, for which there has never been a democratic mandate.
I don’t give a rats what this little arse Dimbleby says about the Holohoax. People are beginning to see through this ‘unchallengable’ Zionist shield, and it is being chipped away, much to their horror.
I think Griiffin and Brons need to be holding meetings in the back rooms of pubs every week up and down the country.
They will win support, get publicity, and the unwashed multi-culti-gay-lefties will eventually get bored with their protests. The antis turnout (dump?) today was pretty low key and did them no favours.
Nick’s performance was a bit average, though. When Jew Straw was going on about “the only party based on race” NG should have remindinded the Jew about his (20th century fake) ancestral homeland.
jack straw showed what a cretin he is, its ironic that in a debate about britain losing its identity, we had a jew arguing with a muslim about immigration to the UK and loss of our culture . no wonder we need the BNP
The jew, Jack Straw revealed is idenity and said he was a jew.The only mumbling of truth that come out of his mouth.
Remember, a jew is a jew and is behaviour was true to form.
The ugly Jew in the audience who said “This country put everything on the line to save my people” made me chuckle.
I thought it was quite a bad performance by Griffin in comparison to his other TV appearances.
I didn’t like his attack on Duke but at least he got the truth out by saying Duke’s KKK was a peaceful non-violent one. It reminded me of the old Griffin – a good nationalist and on our side but after the negress interrupted him with something that implied she was some sort of expert on the KKK just because she’s an American-born negress he seemed to retract that unfortunately and started attacking him.
The audience was a fix. It was at least half non-white and the rest were lefties. That Jew amused me with his yarmulke on. It was he who did the whole holocaust bit and it was expected.
Griffin in my opinion looked subdued and defeated most of the time. He kept smiling and applauding the negress and various audience members who interrupted him and made fun of him; he was obviously very nervous and kept his head down a lot of the time he wasn’t talking – or so I noticed. He made a few good points about the indigenous British etc which have all been mentioned in this thread before but the panel, Bumblebee and the audience kept interrupting him.
Nick cemented his position as a zionist mouthpiece with his support of Israel.
Shame on him. He made us all look stupid by refusing to tackle the issues that matter and as for nudging and laughing with the black supremascist Greer, well I wanted to vomit. Why would you want to engage with that creature?
“Don’t y’all mention the K.K.K. to me” or something to that effect it moaned.
Griffin taking the pee out of K.K.K. hoods, saying that he’s not a “nazi”.
He singularly failed to mention why we are called racists and why it is wrong, he wouldn’t go near the truth about the holocaust for fear of being called antisemitic, what a cowardly performance overall, the comments on this thread worry me.
Question time was a state sanctioned pantomime, with Nick being the tail end of the horse, firmly up the arse of Israel.
If this is our leader, we may as well start race mixing and give them a hand!!!!!!!!
This sample of racist bile and mentalism is pretty representative of the hundreds of posts made on Stormfront about this topic. It’s interesting to see how irritated some neo-Nazis are by Griffin’s apparent support for Israel. Others seem to accept that he needs to publicly distance the BNP from antisemitism, even though when BNP supporters gather on a forum such as Stormfront they are engaged in almost constant Jew-baiting. Stormfront is a funny place – people can make all sorts of vile comments but anyone swearing in their posts will be banned from the forum for a week! But reading the mad rantings of the Stormfront members certainly presents a different perspective on the Question Time proceedings.

Tonight’s anti-fascist protests at the BBC.

October 22, 2009

Along with several hundred other anti-fash protestors, some of the Paintbrushers and I gathered outside BBC Television Centre this evening.

My girlfriend’s camera is a tad rubbish and I’m not sure I was pressing all the right buttons, but here are a few of the results:


From a distance:


The crowd would periodically push against the gates. Some people threw stuff at the police. I thought this was stupid:


One of the best posters on display (made by the comrades of Hammersmith Labour Party):


To clarify: I went along to the protest because I think it’s important that Griffin is confronted with anti-fascist activists as often as possible. The BNP is a racist party led by ideological fascists – therefore Griffin can’t be treated like any other politician. The message needs to go out that this is a man with a history of political extremism and if he ever got into a serious position of power our tolerant, multiracial, democratic society would be threatened.

Saying that, I wasn’t wholeheartedly opposed to the BBC inviting Nick Griffin onto Question Time and I thought some of the speeches made by UAF members were nonsensical and made us all seem ridiculous.

More on the nuances of my position later.

In the meantime, here’s a great profile of Nasty Nazi Nick. What a freak!