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Quilliam foundation to sue Craig Murray.

November 12, 2009

Having just finished reading Ed Husain’s ‘The Islamist’, I hear that Husain’s counterextremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation is taking libel action against blogger and anti-war activist Craig Murray.

Craig Murray was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan until a big hooha about torture allegations a few years ago. Murray seemed to be a whistleblower standing up for human rights.

His behaviour since then has been fairly odd. He comes across as a conspiraloon who sees the dark forces of the neo-con agenda everywhere. He has stood as a “pretty rubbish” (his own words) independent candidate in a parliamentary by-election. Oh, and he’s “hypersexual” (again, his own words).

Murray bangs on about the Quilliam Foundation being a tool of New Labour and has described redeemed Islamist Ed Husain as someone who decided he could “make more money and career progress by turning traitor” on his former mad beliefs and mad Islamist colleagues. Some of us call it ‘seeing the light’; Murray considers it ‘treachery’.

Murray has also suggested public money handed over to the Quilliam Foundation has gone AWOL (in a blog post that has landed him in trouble with the Quilliam lawyers). 

Understandably Ed Husain and the Quilliam Foundation are pretty peeved at these allegations. Murray will now have to produce from underneath his tin foil hat lots of evidence to support his claims.

My instinct is to oppose well-funded organisations using libel law to shut up their badly funded opponents. However, considering the sensitive job they’re trying to do in winning the support of British Muslims and undermining the influence of Islamists, it’s clearly very important for Quilliam to safeguard its reputation. Therefore, I’m not sure what I feel about this case, but I will follow it with interest…


Tory concern for Attlee’s memory.

November 12, 2009

Tory blogmeister Iain Dale has a post about the Clement Attlee statue outside Limehouse Library. He is complaining that Labour have failed to treat Attlee’s statue with the respect it deserves.

There have been problems with hoodlums vandalising the statue and so it has spent many years boarded up for its own protection.

Despite the local authority – Tower Hamlets – being a Labour-controlled borough and despite Clement Attlee frequently winning the accolade of ‘top Labour leader of all time’, it has seemingly fallen to a Tower Hamlets Tory councillor to lead a campaign for the statue’s repair.

I’d be interested in hearing the local comrades’ point-of-view before joining in the Conservative condemnation of the Labour Party for neglecting to properly honour the memory of this socialist politician.

It has to be said: good on Dale and the Tory councillor for drawing attention to the statue.

However, reading some of the comments left on Dale’s post it is clear that not all Tories agree with the idea of respecting Attlee:

Rush-is-Right said…

Iain, are you really saying that Atlee was a great man who should be honoured?

The man who oversaw the pissing away of the Marshall Plan aid money, the creation of the monstrosity that is the NHS, and nationalised the railways, the mines and goodness knows whatever else?

Are you mad?

Pete Moore said…

Crush the statue, melt it down, do anything but unveil again an image of the disastrous Attlee, leader of (still) the greatest bunch of collectivist thieves in our history.

For thirty five years our people suffered under his socialist legacy. May God damn him.

Whilst some Tories do the decent thing and recognise Attlee’s positive contribution to Britain, other Nasty Party elements should perhaps be considered the prime suspects for the acts of vandalism on the statue?