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“To all the voters! This nation is horrible! This nation must be destroyed!”

August 31, 2009

Reading up on Japanese politics, I came across the name ‘Toyama Koichi’. Apparently he became a YouTube sensation back in 2007 when his election broadcast was released. Koichi was standing as an “Anarchist-Fascist” candidate in Tokyo’s gubernatorial election. He is quite a character, as you will see from watching the video.

The weirdest thing of all? Out of fourteen candidates he came eighth.


Glum Councillors

August 30, 2009

I know, I know. 6 weeks is too long to leave poor old Captain Jako to run the blog all on his lonesome. But I’ve been busy, and on holiday, and have determined to mend my ways.

I’m saving up for some nice long posts on esoteric areas of policy that you won’t want to read, but for the moment, I’m going to ease in slightly

The picture of a local councillor pointing at a pot hole and looking disgusted is, apparently, so much a part of British national life that it now merits its own blog, This may well be the first known local government-themed internet meme. This effort gets the Paintbrush thumbs up – please send them your faves.

The Liberal Democrats have ruined the country! It’s time for change!

August 30, 2009

I am of course talking about the Japanese election. The left-leaning Democratic Party of Japan looks set to beat the right-wing Liberal Democrat Party which has been in power almost continuously for half a century (making Labour’s 18 years in opposition seem quite puny!).

The Japanese economy is in a bit of a state and its politics is similarly messy. Many figures in the DPJ are former LDPers who simply jumped ship when they got fed up with the Lib Dem faction fighting. There is corruption in both parties and too many political dynasties. There is also a widespread sense that elected politicians are less powerful than the massive state bureaucracy.

However, I am pretty confident that the Paintbrush line will be to welcome the DPJ victory. This is because:

  • One party being in government for 50 years cannot be healthy for a democracy.
  • The DPJ talks about some nice things like improving consumers’  and workers’ rights and reforming Japan’s corporatist society.
  • The LDP contains too many nationalistic politicians who refuse to accept that Japan committed war crimes during WW2.
  • The DPJ works closely with the Social Democratic Party of Japan, our comrades in the Socialist International.

The Japanese Social Democrats are quite a small party. They seem sound enough in terms of policies, but their history of support for North Korea has not endeared them to the voters!

Here’s some more Japanese political mentalism:


August 28, 2009

Turns out we’ve been had! This story is a fake, according to the Dalemeister. It’s a hoax, a deception, a prank, a spoof, etc. Serves me right for trusting the link provided in an MP’s facebook status!

Friday’s fascist fact

August 28, 2009

Unity Mitford used to bring copies of Tatler magazine over to Nazi Germany with her. Tatler was, as it still is today, a publication built successfully on the premise that the decadent upper classes enjoy nothing better than reading about themselves and their ridiculously expensive clothes / parties / holidays.

Unity and Hitler would spend evenings together reading through Tatler and making lists of all the poshos they expected to come over to their side once a fascist takeover of Britain had occurred. Presumably these were people Unity met at balls and other other society functions who did not vomit all over her when they noticed the swastika badge she insisted on wearing at all times. 

Fortunately, of course, Britain did not turn fascist. Unity and Hitler never got to find out how accurate they had been in their predictions of Tatler traitors.

Interestingly, Tatler gave Unity’s sister Diana (wife of Oswald Mosley) a regular column in the magazine when she and her hubbie lived their life of exile in France in the 1960s.

Mayor of Balitmore responds to Grayling’s silliness with a reference to Midsomer Murders

August 27, 2009

Mayoral statement on crime

This week I was alerted to a speech made by a Member of the British Parliament, a Mr Chris Grayling, who suggested his country should fear becoming like our city of Baltimore as portrayed in the HBO series, The Wire. We all watched The Wire and while it was sometimes a heart-breaking reflection of reality, it was in the main, merely entertaining fiction.

The television show failed to reflect the best we have in this city, our sense of community, our hospitality and our proud history and culture. To present a television show as the real Baltimore is to perpetuate a fiction that dishonours our city. It is as pointless as boasting that Baltimore has a per capita homicide rate a fraction of that in the popular UK television show Midsomer Murders.

The Baltimore Police Department is working hard to protect the people of this city and it should be remembered that The Wire was just a television show. As this video shows, there is so much more to Baltimore than The Wire.
Mayor Sheila Dixon
City of Baltimore


No to healthcare! Yes to wealthcare!

August 27, 2009

Just vote No! We like the Status Quo!

A new campaign group is trying to make sure that the voices of the over-privileged are not forgotten in the US’ ongoing healthcare debate: Billionaires for Wealthcare.

Hat tip to Luke Akehurst.

Oxord University Conservative Association is an embarrassment to that God-fearing and God-sustaining institution.

August 26, 2009


Oxford’s loon-tastic Conservative Association is up to its usual high jinks. Well, high jinks to OUCA; grossly offensive behaviour to the rest of decent society.

As part of the hustings for the association’s internal elections, candidates had to tell an “inappropriate” joke. Some of the candidates told racist jokes. I believe one was something about hanging black people in his family tree. OUCA members fell about guffawing, but someone leaked these goings on to the press.

Now Oxford University proctors have ruled that OUCA can no longer use the university’s name and are banned from attending the next freshers’ fair. It clearly doesn’t reflect well on the university when its student Tories are getting up to this sort of thing.

However, I doubt the adverse publicity will seriously affect OUCA’s membership figures. Many of the sort of people who join OUCA will undoubtedly consider the university’s ruling an overreaction motivated by ‘Political Correctness gone MAD’. For them, the controversy will only bolster OUCA’s reputation for jolly outrageous banter.

OUCA has form in this area. Association members became notorious for their drinking song “Dashing thro the Reich”  in which they merrily recall Nazi atrocities committed against Jews.  

At Oxford’s 2001 freshers’ fair students visiting the OUCA stall were told that the association was “the biggest political group for young people since the Hitler Youth”.

At a 2004 event one OUCA member said to a Jewish fellow member: “What was your favourite concentration camp?”

There have been numerous incidents involving OUCA members giving Hitler-salutes or shouting “Viva Pinochet”. All the controversies are well documented on the association’s wiki entry.  

All in all, OUCA seem to have not yet embraced the Cameroon agenda of ‘Don’t play up to the image of being horrendous right-wing nutters!’ 

Although saying that, who knows what the young carefree David Cameron got up to in Oxford when he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a similar example of ridiculous toff thuggery.

Let us hope that media exposure of their racist antics means that these Tory students will not be able to carve out political careers for themselves in later years. 

We live in hope.

What does Nick Griffin think about Megrahi’s release?

August 25, 2009

After all, in 1988 (the same year as the Lockerbie bombing) Griffin went to Libya to seek funding for the National Front from Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi.

Griffin in Libya.

The BNP have condemned Megrahi’s release. But when will their leader Nick Griffin be issuing a formal statement of regret for the years he spent sucking up to Gadaffi and his terrorist-supporting regime?

Fancy that.

August 24, 2009

The TaxPayers’ Alliance claim to represent the interests of “ordinary taxpayers”.

They are in-fact ideologically predisposed to whinging about all forms of public spending. They therefore spend much of their time acting as rentaquotes for lazy journalists of a similar political bent.

They call for a “low tax economy” and an end to “big government” – i.e. massive cuts in public services.

On their website the Alliance gives some information about all their staff members; their careers thus far, what university they went to, which scary tax makes them wet the bed at night, etc.

Five of the TPA gang reveal which school they went to. Four of these were private schools. Why am I not surprised?