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Iran for Freedom – Michael Jackson – They don’t really care about us

June 28, 2009

Analysis of the voting figures in Iran’s 2009 Presidential election

June 21, 2009

Chatham House and St Andrews’ Institute of Iranian Studies have published a preliminary analysis of the numbers.

The Iran boffins have been comparing figures from the recent elections with results in 2005 and with statistics from Iran’s 2006 census. Here is a summary of their number-crunching:

  • In two conservative provinces a turnout of more than 100% was recorded.
  • Previously stark variations in regional participation have almost disappeared.
  • In a third of all provinces the official results would require that Ahmadinejad took not only all conservative voters, and all former centrist voters, and all new voters, but also up to 44% of former reformist voters.
  • In 2005, as in 2001 and 1997, conservative candidates and Ahmadinejad in particular were unpopular in rural areas. It is a myth that Iranian rural voters are staunchly conservative and pro-Ahmadinejad. His enormously high support in rural provinces this year defies past results.

It all looks extremely suspect.

Down with the dictator!

What happened to international solidarity?

June 20, 2009

Some of the responses of the moronic Trotskyite left to events in Iran are, unsurprisingly, less than impressive.

At the Socialist Unity blog, John Wight has written a post in which he has no words of criticism for the Iranian regime which is currently murdering its citizens in the streets. Instead he is angry at the Western imperialists:

“As for Britain meddling, isn’t this a case of twas ever thus? When will the arrogance of our government ever end when it comes to pointing the finger at and meddling in the internal affairs of nations of the developing world?…The British media, it has to be said, have once again been a disgrace with the bias of their coverage.”

This weird far-leftist worship of traditional notions of state sovereignty truly exposes their moral bankruptcy and tactical ineptitude. My criticism of the British government would be that they are not condemning the Iranian theocrats and their heavily-armed fundamentalist bootboys loudly enough. As for attacking our media perhaps Wight is more a fan of Press TV, an Iranian-sponsored broadcaster firmly positioned up Ahmadinejad’s backside.

Yoshie over at the appropriately-named Lenin’s Tomb blog (dead geezer, dead ideology) at least admits some unpleasant things have happened in revolutionary Iran (like the butchering of Iranian leftists) but yet still insists:

“The Iranian Revolution has done more good than bad for a majority of Iranians, making Iran the best country — the most democratic! — in the Middle East today.”

The most “democratic”? I think Yoshie is forgetting about that nearby country populated mostly by people of Jewish extraction which has had a system of competitive elections for six decades now. “Best” is obviously entirely subjective. I’m assuming Yoshie appreciates a country with strong leadership, i.e. unelected old clerics and Holocaust-deniers. Looking at his other post titles – ‘Ahmadinejad won’ and ‘Why the Islamic Republic has survived’ – I think we can guess which side Yoshie is rooting for.

And Harry’s Place reports that the SWP-controlled ‘Stop the War Coalition’ has released a statement in which the priorities for all those concerned with international peace and justice are made clear:

“The crisis unfolding in Iran must not become the pretext for renewed intervention by the USA or Britain in the region, nor for a whipping up of further tension around Iran’s nuclear programme.

The responsibility of the anti-war movement is first of all to oppose the role of the British government in the region, and to prevent its posturing being used as a pretence to justify a US or Israeli military attack against Iran…

The Stop the War Coalition believes that resolving the crisis is the right and responsibility of the Iranian people alone, and that external interference can play no positive role…It would be wrong for us to take any position on the disputed outcome of the Iranian presidential election…”

These sad excuses for ‘socialists’ have a single agenda: opposition to Western states. They are so obsessed and dogmatic in their outlook that they are obviously very confused about what is happening in Iran. They interpret Iran primarily as an “anti-Imperialist” force and therefore do not care what happens to Iranian gays, trade unionists, women, etc, as long as the Iranian government remains an enemy of the US and Israel. The sneery dismissals of the Iranian protesters as the ‘privileged middle-classes’ and suchlike reveal their true colours.

Can you imagine these wacky arguments being used by leftists in the past in opposition to foreign intervention in Republican Spain, or in South Africa under apartheid? These fools are making a mockery of one of the left’s finest traditions: international solidarity. They are a disgrace. 

Events in Iran…

June 15, 2009

…are getting heated. Let us hope things get resolved with minimal violence and that the end result is conducive to more democracy and freedom for the people of Iran. If you want an alternative to the mainstream media go have a look at Andrew Sullivan’s blog. He’s getting some amazing updates from people online in Iran.