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Cathy Ashton Google mentalism.

February 20, 2010

Cathy Ashton – everybody’s favourite election-dodging Labour peer who went from low-profile technocrat to fairly high-profile Eurocrat – was the subject of a Google search I conducted the other day.

I had only typed in ‘Cathy Ashton’ when Google automatically suggested some popular searches. Of course the largest number of search results is 806,000 for ‘Cathy Ashton EU’. Predictable. I was more bemused to see that the second highest was ‘Cathy Ashton Jewish’ (401,000 results) closely followed by ‘Cathy Ashton Communist’ (315,000 results) and ‘Cathy Ashton Bilderberg’ (181,000 results).

There are also 139,000 results for ‘Cathy Ashton Dalek’. I initially wondered whether Google-addicted conspiracy nuts were convinced that Cathy Ashton was part of a Jewish-Communist conspiracy, operating through the Bilderberg group, to use the EU and a force of Dalek mercenaries to take over the planet. But then I remembered that Cathy Ashton is known to be a massive Doctor Who fan and apparently has a life-size Dalek in her sitting room.


The Silvio files.

December 17, 2009

I know it happened a few days ago now, but I’ve been discussing Silvio Berlusconi being attacked by a mentalist in Milan with an Italian colleague.

She is not a supporter of Silvio and reports that some similarly anti-Berlusconi people in Italy think that the assault was actually organised by the Italian premier in an attempt to shift attention away from fresh charges of corruption being levelled against him. Apparently a story is emerging about Berlusconi doing deals with the mafia or something like that.

Sounds a bit like a crazy conspiracy to me. Surely Berlusconi would think of another attention-grabbing distraction that didn’t involve him getting hit in the head, losing two teeth, and spending two nights in hospital?

But then Italian politics is pretty crazy.

Bonkers BNP bloke in Brussels speaks utter bull.

November 14, 2009

Andrew Brons, the BNP member for Yorkshire and the Humber, recently said in a European Parliament debate on EU-Russian relations:

“Madam President, before we criticise Russia for human rights abuses, we should look at similar abuses even within the European Union: countries in which opposition parties are physically attacked, such as Hungary, or attacked by the militia of the ruling party, such as even the United Kingdom, or countries that lock people up for non-violent dissent or ban political parties, like Belgium.”

Yeah wot?! Never mind Brons’ comments about Hungary and Belgium – is he trying to say that in Britain there is a Labour Party militia that goes around beating up political opponents?

Is he quite, quite mad?

BNP so-called ‘patriots’ have a thing for telling fibs about how awful their country is. This isn’t surprising – their whole ideology is based around hatred of modern Britain. They want to spread their miserablism in the hope that it will win them votes and power amongst similarly negative people.

As a former member of a neo-Nazi group that launched an arson campaign against synagogues, it takes some cheek for Brons to start accusing his opponents of orchestrating political violence.

But such is the messed up worldview of the BNP. What a freak.

Quilliam foundation to sue Craig Murray.

November 12, 2009

Having just finished reading Ed Husain’s ‘The Islamist’, I hear that Husain’s counterextremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation is taking libel action against blogger and anti-war activist Craig Murray.

Craig Murray was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan until a big hooha about torture allegations a few years ago. Murray seemed to be a whistleblower standing up for human rights.

His behaviour since then has been fairly odd. He comes across as a conspiraloon who sees the dark forces of the neo-con agenda everywhere. He has stood as a “pretty rubbish” (his own words) independent candidate in a parliamentary by-election. Oh, and he’s “hypersexual” (again, his own words).

Murray bangs on about the Quilliam Foundation being a tool of New Labour and has described redeemed Islamist Ed Husain as someone who decided he could “make more money and career progress by turning traitor” on his former mad beliefs and mad Islamist colleagues. Some of us call it ‘seeing the light’; Murray considers it ‘treachery’.

Murray has also suggested public money handed over to the Quilliam Foundation has gone AWOL (in a blog post that has landed him in trouble with the Quilliam lawyers). 

Understandably Ed Husain and the Quilliam Foundation are pretty peeved at these allegations. Murray will now have to produce from underneath his tin foil hat lots of evidence to support his claims.

My instinct is to oppose well-funded organisations using libel law to shut up their badly funded opponents. However, considering the sensitive job they’re trying to do in winning the support of British Muslims and undermining the influence of Islamists, it’s clearly very important for Quilliam to safeguard its reputation. Therefore, I’m not sure what I feel about this case, but I will follow it with interest…

Views from the sewer: Stormfront reviews last night’s Question Time.

October 23, 2009

For those who don’t know, Stormfront is a big website where white supremacists from around the world come to swap jokes about the Holocaust and complain about how difficult it is to find a girlfriend when you’re a deranged neo-Nazi. I won’t link to it. However, I thought it might be entertaining to see what the Stormfront community made of Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time last night.

Just noticed in a brief piece on BBC News24 that Nick is sat next to the ‘ darkie woman ‘
Good luck Nick!!
(rundown’s signature on the Stormfront forum proclaims: “White power! White Pride! White Revolution World-Wide!!!” and “Everytime you watch television the Jew takes a dump in your soul”)
First Question on Question Time =
Given that the second world war was fuelled by the need to disarm oppressive and racist regimes is it fair that the BNP has hijacked Churchill as their own?
NS Germany was neither opressive, racist, or a ‘regime’.
Racism is a term used to any White person who defends their nation.
How can a party be oppressive when it took power in the democratic process unlike the Labour party or Stalins lot.
Germania Magna:
No one is allowed to agree with Nick on the BBC, even though polls show that most British oppose mass immigration.
This is all about brainwashing the masses.
The Jews control Britain and the BBC and they fully intend to genocide the British folk through mass coloured immigration, for which there has never been a democratic mandate.
I don’t give a rats what this little arse Dimbleby says about the Holohoax. People are beginning to see through this ‘unchallengable’ Zionist shield, and it is being chipped away, much to their horror.
I think Griiffin and Brons need to be holding meetings in the back rooms of pubs every week up and down the country.
They will win support, get publicity, and the unwashed multi-culti-gay-lefties will eventually get bored with their protests. The antis turnout (dump?) today was pretty low key and did them no favours.
Nick’s performance was a bit average, though. When Jew Straw was going on about “the only party based on race” NG should have remindinded the Jew about his (20th century fake) ancestral homeland.
jack straw showed what a cretin he is, its ironic that in a debate about britain losing its identity, we had a jew arguing with a muslim about immigration to the UK and loss of our culture . no wonder we need the BNP
The jew, Jack Straw revealed is idenity and said he was a jew.The only mumbling of truth that come out of his mouth.
Remember, a jew is a jew and is behaviour was true to form.
The ugly Jew in the audience who said “This country put everything on the line to save my people” made me chuckle.
I thought it was quite a bad performance by Griffin in comparison to his other TV appearances.
I didn’t like his attack on Duke but at least he got the truth out by saying Duke’s KKK was a peaceful non-violent one. It reminded me of the old Griffin – a good nationalist and on our side but after the negress interrupted him with something that implied she was some sort of expert on the KKK just because she’s an American-born negress he seemed to retract that unfortunately and started attacking him.
The audience was a fix. It was at least half non-white and the rest were lefties. That Jew amused me with his yarmulke on. It was he who did the whole holocaust bit and it was expected.
Griffin in my opinion looked subdued and defeated most of the time. He kept smiling and applauding the negress and various audience members who interrupted him and made fun of him; he was obviously very nervous and kept his head down a lot of the time he wasn’t talking – or so I noticed. He made a few good points about the indigenous British etc which have all been mentioned in this thread before but the panel, Bumblebee and the audience kept interrupting him.
Nick cemented his position as a zionist mouthpiece with his support of Israel.
Shame on him. He made us all look stupid by refusing to tackle the issues that matter and as for nudging and laughing with the black supremascist Greer, well I wanted to vomit. Why would you want to engage with that creature?
“Don’t y’all mention the K.K.K. to me” or something to that effect it moaned.
Griffin taking the pee out of K.K.K. hoods, saying that he’s not a “nazi”.
He singularly failed to mention why we are called racists and why it is wrong, he wouldn’t go near the truth about the holocaust for fear of being called antisemitic, what a cowardly performance overall, the comments on this thread worry me.
Question time was a state sanctioned pantomime, with Nick being the tail end of the horse, firmly up the arse of Israel.
If this is our leader, we may as well start race mixing and give them a hand!!!!!!!!
This sample of racist bile and mentalism is pretty representative of the hundreds of posts made on Stormfront about this topic. It’s interesting to see how irritated some neo-Nazis are by Griffin’s apparent support for Israel. Others seem to accept that he needs to publicly distance the BNP from antisemitism, even though when BNP supporters gather on a forum such as Stormfront they are engaged in almost constant Jew-baiting. Stormfront is a funny place – people can make all sorts of vile comments but anyone swearing in their posts will be banned from the forum for a week! But reading the mad rantings of the Stormfront members certainly presents a different perspective on the Question Time proceedings.

Conservative la-la land: the top seven fictions swollowed by the right

September 2, 2009

It has struck me recently that Conservatives – including even the huggable progressive types we’re apparently blessed with in the UK – have moved on from simply disagreeing on the politics or morals of issues: increasingly, they’re inventing their own reality as well.

This isn’t good for politics. Political opinions are based on your gut instincts about ephemeral, subjective, moral issues – what you think human nature truly is, what you think is moral and what immoral, and how you are willing to prioritize.

Facts, on the other hand, are facts – plain and simple. For sure, what is fact – or what is likely to be factually true, and what is unlikely – can be shrouded in mystery: but it’s important to put your consideration of what is a fact and what isn’t into a separate brain compartment to what’s just, correct and politic.

So, in that vein, here’s my favourite seven weird flat-earther fictions that some conservatives believe. I don’t necessarily mean Tories (although for each I’m sure I could point to Feel free to add your faves in the comments.

  1. Climate Change. This must surely be the biggie. Environmental, man-made climate change has been part of the scientific consensus for decades. In 1990, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that carbon emissions were causing the earth’s temperature to rise, and they haven’t changed their minds since. In his excellent book “The Republican War on Science”, Chris Mooney points out that the overwhelming number of scientists writing in peer-reviewed journals support this thesis; the few contrarians emerge with very dubious claims. The right use a variety of tactics to deal with this – they claim either that there is no climate change; or that there is climate change, but that it has natural causes (these range from “solar warming” to undersea hot springs); or that there is some man-made climate change, but that we can’t or shouldn’t stop it; or that it’s simply a myth by whinging jealous lefties who secretly envy people who can afford to drive 4x4s and shop at Waitrose.
  2. Birthers. This struck me as particularly mental when I read it recently – apparently 25% of Americans believe that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the USA (and therefore is ineligible to be President). Never mind that he has produced his birth certificate, or that the Republican Chief Justice was apparently happy to swear him in (twice!) despite knowing the rumours. But guess what? Most of them are Republicans. But it’s not just over there – our very own home-grown right-wing nutjob Donal Blaney flirts with the topic constantly (though he has, to be fair, avoided coming out as a full-on Birther – Mr Blaney is clearly very protective of his credibility).
  3. BNP = Lefties. This one is guaranteed to get me going. I’m not going to rehash all of what I’ve said before, but it’s a laughably simplistic abomination of political history and political philosophy to claim that the BNP are a “leftist” party. It’s not what they think; it’s not what their political forbears believed; and it’s not what lefties (or, indeed, Conservatives!) of the past thought. But obviously, the rightist blogotariat are really onto something by saying that everything “statist” is vile, and that everything vile must be left-wing.
  4. The MMR-Autism link. An odd one I’ll admit, but it’s been a pervasive debate in the Daily Mail for donkey’s years. Why it is such a right-wing hobby horse I have no idea; I’m tempted to say that their sheer hatred of the MMR-autism link sceptics it implies a worrying mistrust of all scientists and the norms of scientific methodology. Melanie Phillips loves to froth at the mouth about it; As the ever-brilliant Ben Goldacre points out, most of what she says is absolute bobbins.
  5. the Laffer Curve. This is obviously in a different category to the scientific and factual items above – economic science being of a very different type – but it’s still in the category of right-wing dumbness. The Laffer Curve posits that if you have a either a 100% or a 0% tax rate you receive £0 in tax – at 0% because no tax is collected, at 100% because nobody would bother to work. It’s a fine (and rather trivial) theory – but conservatives constantly go on as if the rest of its shape is obvious and manifest, and that they know where we are on the curve, and that any tax rise will automatically lead to a fall in government revenue. Well hold on there – where’s the evidence to back up how this theory works in the real world? There isn’t any. Next time you hear it, just shout “cobblers” till they hit you and run away.
  6. Creationism. In fairness, there aren’t nearly as many creationists in the UK as in the US, and they’re not as strongly associated with the organized political right. But it’s still concerning. Look at Conservapedia (from which I have been banned! True stories), if you can stomach it, to see just how messed up this all is. I particularly recommend their page on dinosaurs, which gives serious credence to the idea that dinosaurs and men co-existed on Earth (and that they may not be extinct).
  7. Brit-amore. Chris Grayling says that Britain is “like the Wire“. This is preposterous. Actually, what he said was even more preposterous: he said that Britain has become like the Wire (i.e. that it is now, but wasn’t before). This contradicts every set of statistics on crime – including violent crime – over the past 15 years. As Sadie points out, murder is very easy to define and count, and isn’t subject to the statistical jiggery-pokery Tories love to shout about with crime stats – and it’s gone down year on year. You’re less likely to be murdered in the UK today than at any point since 1980.

Actually, on the last point, there is one place that is The Wire – Warrington. Congratulations to The Wires for their Challenge Cup win on Saturday.

Right-wing nutters and their obsession with birth certificates

July 29, 2009

BIRTHERSOver in the United States there are a number of conservatives of the tin foil hat wearing variety who believe that Barack Obama is not an American citizen and therefore declare his presidency to be illegitimate.

The ‘birthers’ (as they have become known) insist that Obama does not have a proper US birth certificate and that he is instead a citizen of Kenya. The loopiest of the loopiest think that this is all part of a massive conspiracy concocted by dirty foreigners who want to bring down the United States from the inside.

It’s all very silly and very mad. There is an unpleasant racial element to the whole thing as well, of course, with many birthers expressing nativist sentiments and incredulity that a black man could become President of the US without cheating.

Watch Jon Stewart’s take on the birthers – and those in the media and mainstream politics who are irresponsibly encouraging them – here.

Is Tory blogger Donal Blaney a paid-up member of the birther movement? He claims not to be, but still delights in repeating the allegations made against Obama by the lunatic fringes of the American right.

Blaney constantly refers to Obama as America’s “first Kenyan-American president“. He seems to doubt the authenticity of the official account of Obama’s life. For some reason, he also has a weird fixation with Barack Hussein Obama’s middle-name.

Anyway, efforts by reactionary cranks to undermine a democratically elected politician through spreading not-very-wild allegations about the circumstances of their birth are not new.

Ramsay MacDonald (of whom I have posted a few times before!) faced similarly pathetic tactics.

During the First World War MacDonald, then Labour MP for Leicester, became notorious for his steadfast opposition to the conflict and his attempts to negotiate an end to the fighting through the Socialist International. At a time when even the majority of the Labour movement got caught up in pro-war jingoism, MacDonald was one of the few voices questioning the value of sending hundreds of thousands of men to slaughter each other in the trenches.

Unsurprisingly, MacDonald’s anti-war stand incurred the wrath of the populist right-wing press. The journal John Bull wrote:

“We call him traitor, coward, cur. We demand his trial by Court Martial, his condemnation as an aider and abetter of the King’s enemies, and that he be taken to the Tower and shot at dawn.”

Lovely stuff. Best of British. The culmination of John Bull‘s campaign against MacDonald in 1915 was the revelation that – *shock horror* – the name MacDonald went under was slightly different to that recorded on his birth certificate and that his parents were not married:

“For months past – ever since the man who calls himself James Ramsay MacDonald, but whose real name is James McDonald Ramsay, has stood aloof from the almost unanimous response of the nation to the call of the King – we have persistently labelled him as a traitor and a coward; and we have called upon Leicester to rid itself of the stigma of having such a ‘representative’ in Parliament…

…we have remained silent with regard to certain facts which have been in our possession for a long time. First of all, we knew that this man was living under an adopted name – and that he was registerd as James McDonald Ramsay – and that, therefore, he had obtained admission to the House of Commons in false colours, and was probably liable to heavy penalties to have his election declared void.

But to have disclosed this state of things would have imposed upon us a very painful and unsavoury duty. We should have been compelled to produce the man’s birth certificate. And that would have revealed what today we are judtified in revealing…It would have revealed that ‘James Ramsay MacDonald’, MP for Leicester, late ‘leader’ of the Labour Party, late member of a Royal Commission, under the seal of His Majesty, the leading light of the Union of Democratic Control – libeller and slanderer of his country – it would have revealed him as the illegitimate son of a Scotch servant girl!

The journal then printed out a copy of MacDonald’s birth certificate. It was apparently news to him that he had originally been named ‘James McDonald Ramsay’ and he was genuinely shocked by the revelation.

MacDonald’s political career collapsed in the period immediately following the First World War. It seems highly unlikely that the ‘birther’ allegations he faced were as significant in explaining his temporary lack of electoral appeal as the accusations of treachery and allegiance with the Kaiser, but they certainly didn’t help his situation.

I hope Obama has more success in defending himself from today’s swivel-eyed, birth certificate-waving loons!

7/7 conspiracy madness – Meacher mentalism

July 1, 2009

Further to my last post on this subject, which was inspired by the brilliant BBC2 documentary ‘The Conspiracy Files’,  I remembered that Michael Meacher MP has also had some odd things to say about 7/7.

Meacher wrote a post on his blog a few months ago entitled ‘MI5 and the cover-up over 7/7’. No beating about the bush there then.

He goes on to regurgitate the same lines of enquiry as the other 7/7 conspiracy nuts, asking the ‘unanswered questions’ which were pretty comprehensively answered by last night’s documentary. It would not surprise me if Meacher has watched ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ whilst humming to himself in agreement.

Meacher has a bit of reputation in this area. He once wrote an article in the Guardian suggesting that the US government allowed 9/11 to take place so that it could have an excuse to launch attacks on other countries to get their oil. He’s also a fan of the theory that Roosevelt knew the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour was about to take place but deliberately stopped the US fleet from finding out about it. He additionally thinks the war in Kosovo was “actually aimed at the dismemberment of the last centralised state-run economy in Europe”.

I too am finding it hard to believe the official line on things.

I am finding it hard to believe that he was allowed to serve as a minister in our Labour government for so many years.

7/7 conspiracy madness – the ripple effect

June 30, 2009
But thats what the government want you to think...

But that's what the government want you to think...

As tonight’s excellent BBC2 documentary demonstrated, there really isn’t any way to describe the 7/7 conspiracy brigade other than ‘bunch of nutters’.

There is a film available on the internet entitled ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’. Apparently it is quite popular. I had never heard of it. But then again, I don’t go looking for this sort of thing.

Some run-of-the-mill conspiracy geeks can be expected to simply ask pedantic questions about every detail of an event and then take smug self-satisfaction in doubting the ‘official’ line on the matter, as if such an act demonstrates great independence of mind and intellectual superiority over everyone else.  

‘7/7 Ripple Effect’, however, goes so far as to label the London bombings of July 7th 2005 a MI5-Mossad operation and accuses several individuals (who aren’t even connected to the government or security services) of being involved in the mass murder. Some of these people have been receiving death threats from conspiracy loons as a result.


What’s Paddy up to?

May 2, 2009

Just to supplement Captain Jako’s post below, I have a little theory about what might be going on here.

It’s clear that Clegg is going all out to make a break into Tory territory: not only with changes to Lib Dem tax pledges last year (although these might now be rowed back), but also in his matey-matey performance with Cameron over the Gurkhas this week.

Paddy Ashdown, I think, is of a different generation in the Lib Dems: whilst I’m not suggesting that he’s about to come rushing to the Prime Minister’s aid, I believe that he is naturally predisposed to prefer Labour as the party exerting “pull” on the Lib Dems rather than the Tories. He was a Liberal MP with Thatcher as Prime Minister when Clegg was still a member of the Tory association at Cambridge.

Could it be, then, that Paddy – in making a wild, extravagant and public claim about Labour defections, which, as Tom Harris points out, is as likely to scare off any potential defector as anything else – is trying to force the Lib Dems back into alignment between the Tories and Labour?

Mayhaps. On the other hand, it could just be the drunkard of fate vomiting in the Labour Party’s front garden once again.