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Like, duh.

November 3, 2009

I saw some Trots running a stall on a street corner. Everyone else was ignoring them. Taking pity upon the pamphlet-pushers, I approached and gratefully received a complimentary leaflet. It was promoting Socialism 2009 – annual Trotfest of the Socialist Party (not to be mixed up with Marxism 2009 organised by the Socialist Workers Party).

The SP is looking beyond New Labour. One of the events taking place at Socialism 2009 is entitled ‘Is Cameron another Thatcher? How can we defeat a Tory government?’ 

I would have thought that one obvious answer to that second question is campaign for Labour victory, but somehow I can’t see there being much support for that common sense proposal at the SP’s ideologically pure gathering.


Let Obama be Obama.

November 3, 2009

Arianna Huffington reviews a new book on Obama’s election victory and laments what she considers to be the lack of audacity now being displayed by Obama the President as opposed to Obama the Candidate. Huffington’s in a huff (so to speak) about the abandonment of all the vision and high ideals put on display by Obama during the election campaign. 

I think she is being slightly unfair. The massive federal intervention in the US economy, talk of nuclear disarmament, and launching of an attempt at reforming health care are signs that the Obama administration cannot be dismissed as essentially timid.

However, there does indeed seem to be a risk of the President losing momentum. Perhaps Huffington should be calling for a ‘Let Bartlet be Bartlet’ moment to take place in the White House soon?