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Dale is wrong.

November 19, 2009

Iain Dale has been hanging out with Emily Thornberry, Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury.

Dale says: “If you close your eyes, and just listen, Emily Thornberry sounds rather like Margaret Thatcher. I kid you not.”

He is wrong. Emily has a much, much nicer voice than Maggie’s.



Conservative Candidate: “All you have to do is dance to save the world”.

October 4, 2009

The Tories have selected their candidate for the North London constituency of Edmonton. He appears to be quite a character.

Andrew Charalambous is the owner of a nightclub and a property empire. The Evening Standard looked up his website and found him describing himself as a “tantric master” who has “dated some of the most beautiful women in the world”. No wonder Edmonton Conservative Association were impressed.

Charalambous seems to have since edited his website to remove these claims. Perhaps Tory HQ are worried that their candidate – who is apparently a fruitarian – may come across as a bit too fruity for the voters? Or as a bit of a fruitcake?

His nightclub can be found on Pentonville Road, Islington. It has a dance floor that generates electricity or something as people dance on it. Hence Charalambous’ views on the link between dancing and saving the planet. I’ve never been inside the club but I’ve walked by many times. It looks a tad rubbish. Its website is, however, very entertaining. Charalambous likes to go by the alias of ‘Dr Earth’, which is an unfortunate choice of name considering Charalambous’ striking resemblance to ‘Dr Evil’.  In the Contact section it is stated that Charalambous’ Club4Climate is “the worlds [sic] biggest environmental organisation on the planet”. Had you heard of it before? No, me neither.

The Evening Standard profile quotes Charalambous as saying that he was “the first male feminist”. He is such a good feminist that he recently sponsored the UK selection round of the ‘Miss Earth’ beauty contest and was himself the Chief Judge. All feminists should now note that sleazing over women wearing not many clothes is ok if it’s being done in an environmentally sustainable way.

I’ve got a feeling that Charalambous’ candidacy is going to prove a source of much merriment. I only wish we were facing him in Islington S&F. As someone commented on the Evening Standard article: “Mad as a box of frogs”.

Congratulations to all those brainy youngsters…

August 20, 2009

gaining a record-breaking number of A-levels!

I hope the teenagers at my local swimming pool, who provided considerable excitement and entertainment for their fellow swimmers this evening, also go on to excel academically.

If there’s an A-level in Ignoring-repeated-requests-to-stop-dive-bombing-into-the-pool-when-casual-swimming-has-stopped-and-lane-swimming-has-begun-thus-provoking-the-life-guards-into-pressing-the-emergency-alarm-and-ordering-an-evacuation-of-the-entire-pool-and-then-responding-to-their-firm-instructions-to-leave-the-pool-immediately-with-a-barrage-of-F*** YOUs-and-acting-in-a-generally-delinquent-manner then these young boys and girls are guaranteed grade A results, I can tell you!


August 7, 2009

A round-up of media attention given to Boris Johnson and his law-violating shed which caused myself and other neighbours a not inconsiderable level of aesthetic irritation:

BBC News

The Islington Tribune

The Guardian

The Mirror

The London Paper, which reports that BoJo is mourning his deceased shed.

It’s not like there’s anything else more important to talk about, is there?

Boris’ shed fought the planning law and the planning law won

August 6, 2009

Remember this post?

Well, it turned out that BoJo had indeed moved into that very expensive house just a stone’s throw from Jako Towers! Although I have not yet seen him and I certainly haven’t thrown any stones at his property, he is definitely there. I look forward to canvassing him. And hosting a ‘Boris Watch’ party.

A few weeks ago an awful wooden shed suddenly appeared on the balcony of the Johnson house. Everybody remarked how cheap and ugly the shed looked. It certainly did not fit with the character of the rest of the building. It was also in a weird position – it seemed to take up the entire balcony and there was no obvious way to enter the shed. Anyway, what is the point of a shed on a balcony?

Earlier this week I went to stay with relatives in Scotland. They live a lifestyle very different from that of the Mayor of London and would not dismiss £250,000 per year as “chicken feed“. However, my uncle’s new garden shed manages to be much more respectable and attractive than the monstrous eye-sore Johnson inflicted upon his neighbours.

Today justice was served: the shed has been dismantled. Someone complained to the planning authorities and Johnson was ordered to take it down. BBC London even ran this story as an item on tonight’s news – you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that! They are describing it as a “summer house” but I feel that is being too generous.

Before you ask: it wasn’t me who snitched on the shed. I am far too busy. I didn’t even take any photos as I think that might be a bit too stalker-ish and I respect the rest of the Johnson family’s right to privacy. To be honest, I was also enjoying speculating on what exactly Boris was doing in this ugly and weirdly-positioned glorified shed/summer house. However, I have been speaking to neighbours and I knew that complaints were lodged almost as soon as the offensive item was erected.

I can still see some planks of wood on the balcony but I’m satisfied that BoJo has learnt his lesson!

Ian Jack on Labour and Islington

June 13, 2009

Interesting article in today’s Guardian.

I think we’ll have to try harder to use the expression ‘Tigmoo‘ around here.

Results in Islington

June 8, 2009

The Labour Party – 12,428

The Green Party – 8,551

Liberal Democrats – 8,167

Conservative Party – 6,170

United Kingdom Independence Party – 2,639

British National Party – 1,488

So not too bad considering the devastation for Labour across the rest of the country.

More people voted for UKIP than Labour. We were beaten in Scotland by the nats. Second to the TORIES in WALES. We came behind the Cornish Nationalists in Cornwall. And that’s not even mentioning the fash bastards now going to the European Parliament to represent the North West and Yorkshire and the Humber.

Awful awful awful. By the way, have you seen this new blog on the block?

“Tears for the Labour Party I love and its humiliation”

June 5, 2009

Only a handful of people were nasty to me and my Labour rosette yesterday. Most were instead sympathetic, as if only a person with some sort of serious mental ailment would voluntarily campaign for the Labour Party at the moment.

Even though I have no idea how bad exactly the results will be from the local area, the party in my ward actually had a good day in that lots of members were still willing to rally behind the flag. Numerous members who hadn’t got involved before and even some non-members showed up to help, which was brilliant. We managed to have people standing at all three polling stations for most of the day whereas I only spotted two lonely Liberals out and about.

Yes it was deeply, deeply depressing to have people come up to me and say that they had voted Labour all their lives but just couldn’t bring themselves to do it this time. Yet many of these same people kindly sought to assure me that they will still vote for the local Labour team when the time comes. A Labour Party that campaigns enthusiastically for policies such as free school meals and more social housing still has a future.

So, what do people think of Peter Kilfoyle’s summary of James Purnell?

James Purnell has never had a proper job in his life – he shouldnt be in the cabinet. He’s got no political acumen whatsoever and that’s demonstrated tonight.

John Prescott is furious at Labour’s “non-campaign” and isn’t afraid to name those he feels are primarily responsible (Harman, Flint, Alexander, and Blears).

It is all getting very messy and upsetting. Luke Akehurst is sad and sums it up well. Go read his post. Let us hope that both Luke and the Labour Party recover soon.

There’s a BoJo in the neighbourhood?

May 12, 2009

Boris Johnson has been spotted with a removal van next to a house less than 60 seconds away from Jako Towers*. The ‘For Sale’ sign outside this house had recently been removed. Is Boris my new neighbour? Will I see him down the local? Should I throw myself infront of his bike to martyr myself for the cause (whatever that may be)?

 *Yes, this does mean I live in a fairly posh area, but my ward enjoys 100% Labour representation, so yah boo sucks to you

A date for your diary

April 18, 2009

This time next week will be the big day for the Tolpuddle King’s Cross festival! Labour movement history, Billy Bragg, political choirs – what more could you ask for? If the weather is like today’s then it will be perfect. I think I’m right in saying that a few of us Paintbrushers will go along. Hope to see you there too.