Alan Milburn: Con-Dem’s social mobility tsar and honorary president of ‘Labour’s Progressives’.


So Alan Milburn has accepted a role as the Government’s ‘social mobility tsar’. I wonder whether Mr Milburn will be able to retain his position as the honorary president of Progress.

Progress is a New Labour think-tanky faction kind-of-thing. In some ways Progress must be pleased with aspects of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government. CameronClegg, Osborne et al clearly like the unobjectionable/vacuous political label ‘progressive’ so much that they are claiming the mantle of progressiveness for themselves. And now Progress’ honorary president is rising above tribalism and joining the new politics through helping the Government on social mobility.

However, as disposed towards Progress as the coalition seems to be, surely it does not help an organisation trying to maintain influence in the Labour Party to be presided over by someone willing to give the Con-Dems a positive headline? In fact it must be a tad embarrassing. After all, Mr Milburn has now been labelled a “collaborator” by former Deputy PM Lord Prescott, no less.

When Progress gets round to making some progress (boomboom) on updating their website and correcting the numerous mistakes (several of their parliamentary patrons are no longer MPs and is Patrick Diamond really known affectionately as “Our Patrick Diamond”?) perhaps they will omit to mention that Milburn is their honorary president. Or alternatively they will find someone who has not been co-opted into the coalition.



One Response to “Alan Milburn: Con-Dem’s social mobility tsar and honorary president of ‘Labour’s Progressives’.”

  1. TeonGordon Says:

    What Labour should be doing is following up the likes of Milburn, who had some good ideas, especially in relation to social mobility, where ideas like paid placements would really have helped those from less privileged backgrounds. Shocking that in previous years those kind of ideas never seemed to gain much traction.

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