The Sunday Times – a filthy fascist rag.


Not an unexpected statement considering that this is the paper employing the talents of Jeremy Clarkson, AA Gill and Rod Liddle.

But today’s edition was filled with even more hate-stirring fash nonsense than usual. In a report on the groundbreaking news that in a few parts of the UK most of the babies being born in hospitals are from ethnic minorities (to stress my sarcasm, I was apparently the only white baby on the mid 1980s London hospital ward, so this has been the case for a while) the Sunday Times descended into BNP propagandising.

It really, honestly does. The report was accompanied by a black-and-white photograph of a VE street party. Everyone is of course white and looking happy. Then, in a clever and subtle piece of juxtapositioning, the Sunday Times puts a photograph of a woman hidden away under a niqab. ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ – you see? The niqab-wearer is clearly meant to represent the onset of a multiracial society and it’s hardly a positive image.

The only BNP leaflet I’ve ever had delivered to my address also had the ‘happy white people in 1940s’ versus ‘niqab madness of modern multiculturalism gone MAD’ theme.  ( Yes, this was delivered in Islington! What did they think they were doing? Won’t somebody please consider the house prices!).

I find it disturbing, but not entirely surprising, that the Sunday Times editor seems to be getting his inspiration from BNP leaflets.


Since Liberal Conspiracy is sending lots of people here I thought I’d ingeniously bypass the Murdoch pay wall and show you what I’m talking about:



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5 Responses to “The Sunday Times – a filthy fascist rag.”

  1. Antigone Says:

    Also disturbing but quite predictable is how much these mocked up images are distorting people’s view of the real world around them. Some of the comments on various online reports of this study have stated that they can see this happening with their own eyes.

    Which is odd because I find that when you walk around with your eyes open but not full to the brim with rage, hatred and fear of ‘otherness’, the world looks pretty much the same as it did.

    These articles are just a green light for those who like to bully and demean others at any opportunity. They haven’t got the gumption to state why they think this is a bad thing (and I daresay find they’ve got significantly fewer stats on that), they just prefer to imply it and leave it to the readers to start frothing at the mouth.

    It would be entertaining if it weren’t all so serious.

  2. raincoatoptimism Says:

    I disagree, they’re very nice at Sunday Times. Did you know that the paywall is there to protect us from seeing their shite. Very good people honestly.

  3. captainjako Says:

    More fool me for buying it.

  4. private Says:

    Get over yourself. Jeremy Clarkson is excellent.

  5. Dein Gesundheitsmanager Says:

    Dein Gesundheitsmanager…

    […]The Sunday Times – a filthy fascist rag. « Frank Owen’s Paintbrush[…]…

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