The case against David Miliband


Hopi Sen is running a series of critical profiles of all the leadership candidates. He lists many concerns that I also have with Miliband Major.

However, I would add:

  • His record as Foreign Secretary was not especially impressive. I had a colleague who worked on the UK Chagos Support Association‘s campaign and was disgusted with David Miliband’s failure to acknowledge the plight of the islanders. Was Mr Miliband’s most memorable moment as Foreign Sec the night he spent in an Indian hovel?
  • His inability to get any of the big three trade unions to nominate him does not bode well. Admittedly he enjoys the support of the (traditionally right-wing) USDAW, but if he’s going to lead a Labour movement David Miliband will need the largest trade unions on side.
  • Although it was nice of Miliband (D) to come to my part of Islington for some canvassing during the election I was disappointed by the post-canvassing speech. It felt suspiciously like the standard spiel he gives to Labour members. He failed to acknowledge that we were engaged in a fight against the Lib Dems, not the Tories. All in all it was a bit of a lame performance.


One Response to “The case against David Miliband”

  1. Pedrito el Bandito Says:

    I completely concur. And I would add to your disparaging thusly:

    I am particularly tickled by this sudden volte-face in favour of gay marriage. Oh, you changed your mind? You once thought that enshrining in marital law a fundamental difference and distinction between gay and straight, whereby one category is afforded certain rights and legal protection and the other isn’t – a pretty unambiguous form of legal apartheid – was perfectly acceptable and should be legislated for, but now you’ve changed your mind?

    Yeah… I can’t understand that. OR you’re completely vacuous (I can’t use that word enough when discussing this windbag), never really understood or cared about the implications of civil partnerships in the first place, and still don’t really see why gays can’t be happy concluding any old contract to solidify their love, but need something to make you look “radical” (cue guffaws) to other equally asinine Labour sheep.

    Chinny on that, David! You big, croaking, wet-headed, lanky gruffter!

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