The country is being run by Laurel and Hardy!


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg declares whilst standing in for his buddy Cameron in PMQs that the War in Iraq was illegal. This pre-empts the Chilcot Inquiry and also embarrasses all his Conservative colleagues who voted for the conflict. No 10 suggests the Deputy PM was speaking in a “personal capacity”. Pathetic!

Then Big Dave himself does a boo boo. Whilst trying to stress the pretty obvious fact that the UK≠US, he declares that Britain was the junior partner to the US when fighting the Nazis in 1940. Yes, 1940! When plucky ol’Blighty resisted the blitzkrieg as many other nations fell. And the Yanks didn’t turn up for another year!

Oxford Tutor Vernon Bogdanor has described his former student David Cameron as one of his “ablest”. Pah!

As Paul Waugh points out, if the Labour Government had made gaffes like these the press would have been absolutely merciless.


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