7/7 five years on


There are apparently complaints being made that the Government and Mayor Boris Johnson have not done enough to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings.

The Evening Standard is running an extremely critical article with the title ‘London 7/7 victims have been forgotten, say families’.

This makes me wonder whether:

  1. Our crass and insensitive Government, along with a blundering Tory Mayor, plain forgot that the anniversary was coming up and so failed to get anything organised.
  2. The victims’ families did not want any big events, as was suggested in a report, and so the Government respected these wishes.
  3. The authorities don’t want 7/7 getting too much attention since the bombings signalled a major failure on the part of the security services and because there remains a problem of too many British Muslims embracing violent Islamist ideologies.


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