Delayed Budget reaction


It was predictably unpleasant. I don’t have much to say that isn’t better said by the Fabians, Anthony Painter, the TUC Touchstone blog, and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Labour’s reaction was also fairly predictable. I thought Harman’s response was barely adequate.

The party has a few problems in providing proper opposition at the moment.

Firstly, there’s no leader to act as a figurehead for Labour’s response to the Budget.

Secondly, there’s no clear policy programme to push as a viable and attractive alternative to Gideon Osborne’s cuts.

Thirdly, even if there was a distinct Labour alternative there would be an issue with credibility, as only a few months ago when our party was in government many of the big economic policy cheeses spoke of imposing cuts worse than Thatcher’s.

Unfortunately we are stuck with this coalition Government for the next few years. Fortunately, Labour will have a new leader in place by the autumn. Having had a few months to consider the situation and to debate with Labour members about the party’s future, hopefully the new leader would be in a good position to push for that credible economic alternative and to reinvigorate Labour as an effective opposition.


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3 Responses to “Delayed Budget reaction”

  1. Robert Says:

    But the real question is of course where the hell are the voters coming from for New labour, I spent well over 40 years in labour voting for them became a task as my wages and tax was hit year after year, the min wage came in and guess what i saw no difference, because when we did not get the min wage income support took the strain, labour got rid of that. As you say Darling was telling us of nasty cuts if he won, the great missing person in the shape of brown tells us it will be done with savings, and now I’m supposed to take the New labour party seriously, problem is I of course I cannot.

    If new labour was to win an election in five years time whats the betting they just carry on with a Tory mandate, they did it will Thatcher even digging up some she threw away like Prescription charges.

    Yes the Tories are kicking the shit out of us, but so did labour.

  2. Danivon Says:

    Robert. Well, for a start there’s all those Lib Dem voters who bought the propositions that the yellows were ‘to the left of Labour’ and would oppose cuts this year or an increase in VAT.

    Even some people will regret voting Tory as well. Labour does need to distance itself from ‘New Labour’, and to get back to socialist policies as opposed to meekly accepting the free market agenda. It’s too early to put any message out now though, or for any change to be be noticed – people are still too busy shouting at Labour.

  3. Robert Says:

    I do not think Labour can ever off load the Mantle of the new labour tag, it is new labour, socialism died way back in the 1960’s with the death of Nye Bevan.

    I will go to my grave remembering the words of Blair, when telling the disabled they were scroungers and work shy scroungers.

    For me the fact is now we have three parties living within the dreams of Thatcherism, when New labour future labour call it what you like finally get back in, as i said before whats the betting they just carry on with the rebuilding of the New labour ethos.

    I have to find a party, sadly none suits right now…

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