David Mellor = Prize Arse


There’s a brilliant story in today’s Mirror. Former Tory Cabinet Minister and odd looking man David Mellor was complaining to staff at a pub near his home that they made too much noise.

He was doing this in a typically charmless manner and resorted to lots of swearing (naughty). However, at one point Mellor tried to insult the pub’s chef by telling him to “go do your £10 an hour job somewhere else”!

What a ridiculous insult. My current employer pays me less than £10 an hour. A £10 an hour job would put a worker just below the UK median salary. The minimum wage is only £5.80 – and that’s just for over 22 year olds. Ed Miliband’s demand for a living wage only suggests £7 an hour. All in all, most people would be quite satisfied to be paid £10 an hour!

What an out-of-touch Tory arse Mellor is.



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