Choice and confusion


The other selection battle taking place this summer is going to be for Labour’s mayoral candidate. Yet another tough decision to make by September – not sure I’ll be able to handle all this excitement.

I had originally decided that I was fed up with Ken Livingstone’s penchant for Islamists and was therefore in the market for an alternative.

Johnson (Alan) versus Johnson (Boris) could have been fun but unfortunately the Shadow Home Secretary has ruled himself out. Boring!

Oona King has a lot going for her so I’m willing to hear her out. However, it has to be said that the policy-lite ‘children are the future’ guff coming out of Oona’s launch was not very inspiring.

Then Ken goes and launches his own campaign. He presses all of the right buttons. At this stage, I am far more confident that Ken would be a more competent and dynamic mayor than King.

If only Ken never discussed matters of foreign policy and had a more sophisticated take on multiculturalism than cosying up to the self-appointed leaders of minority ethnic groups and labelling any critics ‘racists’ or ‘Islamophobes’.

Then I would not be so undecided and confused.


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2 Responses to “Choice and confusion”

  1. Bob Says:

    Expect Diane Abbot to throw her hat in the ring. I suspect this may be the real reason for her Leadership challenge.

  2. captainjako Says:


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