Stop nominating Milibands!


It’s not big and it’s not clever. If MPs keep insisting on only nominating leadership candidates with the surname Miliband then we are not going to have a very interesting contest, the media will mock us for being so dull and people won’t be so willing to join the Labour Party to participate since there won’t be a huge choice of potential leaders for them to vote for.

I was worried that the calls on the PLP to manage the process so that all declared candidates get nominated were only coming from the hard left devotees of McDonnell and Sunny from the Liberal Conspiracy blog (is he even a party member? Hasn’t he spent the last few years advocating votes for all parties apart from Labour?!).

However, seeing that ‘moderates’ such as Tom Harris and Sunder Katwala also agree that something should be done to get them all nominated it’s obvious that these calls can’t be dismissed as the bleatings of a minority of disaffected lefties.

Indeed, former cabinet members Burnham and Balls are having to work hard to make sure they get to the 12.5% threshold. It’s not just Abbott and McDonnell who would benefit from a relaxation of normal procedure.

Lots of us, from all wings of the party, will be disappointed if the PLP provides us with a purely Miliband choice of leadership candidates. MPs should give the people what they want!



3 Responses to “Stop nominating Milibands!”

  1. Manzil Says:

    Yes, the PLP kicking itself in the foot would have been acceptable, nay desirable, if the blindingly obvious problem with that was only being pointed out by the ‘hard left’ and left-leaning types who didn’t vote for Labour (I mean, who needs them anyway).

    Labour MPs really have learnt nothing since the coronation of Brown, have they? Their playground politics is standing in the way of Labour actually having a decent chance of becoming an opposition which attracts attention and is capable holding the ConDems to account.

    How about an alternative method of selecting candidates? We could call it, I dunno, One Member One Vote.

  2. mre election Says:

    why don’t you name and shame those who are nominating them?

  3. Sillibands « The middle of the line Says:

    […] getting really silly now. A week ago, Jako of Frank Owen’s Paintbrush pleaded with Labour MPs to stop nominating Milibands. But have they? Nope. They carry right on. David Milliband and Ed Milliband only needed 33 […]

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