Jon & John


I’m a wee bit miffed that Jon Cruddas isn’t throwing his hat in the leadership ring, but I’m not surprised and frankly don’t blame him.

The refreshingly modest Cruddas admitted that he probably didn’t have the qualities needed to be leader of the Labour Party and wannabe PM. He wants to maintain a semblance of ‘normal’ human life and lacks the ambition and slight narcissism needed to get right to the top.

Anyway, as much as I wanted Cruddas contributing his ideas to the leadership debates I could not say with great certainty that I intended to vote for him. 

I simply hope that he has a central role to play in reforming the Labour Party over the next few years. I thought that having him as a candidate would force the more likely future leaders to discuss class and inequality and that the publicity generated by even an unsuccessful Cruddas leadership campaign would put him in good stead for the Shadow Cabinet elections.

So sans Jean le Cruddas it seems we’ll be left with Milibands, Balls and Burnham. All served in Government. Each comes with various advantages and disadvantages but in terms of ideology there’s not a huge amount to distinguish them.

Therefore, I am tempted to agree with Don Paskini’s argument that John McDonnell should be nominated for the leadership.

It seems to me that we members deserve to be given a proper choice; it would be healthy for the other candidates to be arguing with someone who comes from outside their political comfort zone; and McDonnell may even be able to make a convincing case for the relevance and electability of Labour leftism.

Of course much of the press would revel in criticising a McDonnell candidacy as evidence that Labour is lurching dangerously to the left. But an election featuring only Milibands, Balls and Burnham may equally be slammed for being dull. Plus the bastards in the press have spent the last few years demonising Labour anyway so I don’t think we should let them scare us away from holding a genuinely open and interesting contest.


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