BA Strikes


Obviously the High Court ruling was ridiculous and very worrying for anyone concerned for workers’ rights.

However, it’s not exactly shocking to hear that a judge was unsympathetic to striking workers and their trade union.

Plus legal types have a tendency to sometimes be strict about things such as the letter of the law

Unite has a lot of staff and a lot of money. Union members pay their dues so that they have professionals helping them in a dispute such as this.

I’m thus more shocked that Unite managed to mess up the balloting process. It may have been a small error but it should not have happened. It has embarrassed the union and the striking workers.

On a related note, all the leadership candidates so far have made nice noises about Labour re-engaging with trade unions and their members.

I wonder when they’ll be asked to comment on the BA situation – an increasingly messy industrial showdown where no-one is going to emerge smelling of roses.

It would be good to hear what the aspiring Labour leaders have to say about the specifics of the case and the potential ramifications for union laws and working conditions in a period of economic retrenchment.

That’ll sort out the men from the boys!


2 Responses to “BA Strikes”

  1. Paul Says:

    I agree with most of this, except the first sentence, which doesn’t fit the rest. Judges apply the law, which is what they seem to have done, so I don’t see this decision as particularly outrageous.

    I suspect there won’t be many ramifications on the ability of TUs to strike, provided they take care to carry out ballots properly. I hope the Labour candidates keep out of the specifics of this dispute (assuming they’ll support the strikers) – it won’t help our cause in any way. I don’t think there’s much sympathy out there for the BA workers – hardly the downtrodden proletariat!

  2. captainjako Says:

    It was a disproportionate ruling. Sure the union was wrong to make that slight mistake in the balloting process, but therefore declaring the strikes illegal was undoubtedly harsh. I’m not surprised it’s been overturned on appeal (I don’t pretend to know much about trade union law but I can’t see any judge ruling the recent parliamentary election results invalid despite the administrative mistakes made at numerous polling stations).

    Agree that this dispute doesn’t help the Labour Party’s cause but I’m not going to criticise BA workers resisting a race to the bottom in airline industry working conditions which could well turn them into downtrodden proletariat if not resisited!

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