How does Compass do what it does to me?


In many ways my views are pretty soft left so I should perhaps be expected to be an enthusiastic Compass supporter.

I have indeed found myself on their mailing list. However, instead of being a keen Compassite who responds positively to their requests for money and invitations to various events, I just get irritated.

Take, for example, the mail I just received informing me of their ‘A New Hope’ conference.

The ridiculously geeky Star Wars theme and the rip-off ticket price are annoying-enough.

But then there is also the guest list of apparently important ‘progressives’.

John Kampfner = Lib Dem. His favoured party are now in government with the Tories. How does this bloke qualify as ‘left’?

Seamus Milne = Yet another supremely privileged journalist who has a bizarre soft spot for the Soviet Union, Iran and Islamist terrorists.

Kate Hudson of CND = Communist Party member and defender of Iran’s nuclear programme.

+ representatives of the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Campaigns (aka the We Love South American Strongmen Who Lock Up Their Critics Clubs). 

There are of course worthy and interesting guests – e.g. Jon Cruddas and the Equality Trust amongst others. But they’re not enough to persuade me to fork out the required £37 and to put up with all the other nonsense taking place at the Compass conference!



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