Frank Owen for leader!


Last time there was a leadership “contest” I, like many others, was rather naive and trusting of a certain preferred candidate who turned out to be not-so-great. Not that we had any choice in that “election”, but I’m still determined to learn lessons for when I cast my vote as a Labour member in the upcoming leadership struggle.

Of course traditional differences between candidates which can be placed somewhere on a left-right spectrum will be noted, but I’m going to look a bit beyond internal politics and want to see someone who can inspire a majority of Labour members, appeal to as many voters as possible and decisively lead a government.  

My initial prejudices are against David Miliband (too much of a Blairite nerd), Harriet Harman (too posh and useless) and Ed Balls (too weird and charmlessly aggressive). But if they throw their hats in the ring then I will try to give them a fair hearing. I really will.

Here’s hoping that party members are given a greater choice than last time!

p.s Of course Frank Owen would make a good leader. He is a fine orator, with a great ‘back story’ and an unswerving committment to democratic socialism. But unfortunately he’s not in the PLP.



One Response to “Frank Owen for leader!”

  1. Dave Semple Says:

    And the other good orators, with back story, who are committed to democratic socialism and ARE in the PLP won’t get your backing! Funny how things work out.

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