Just back from the official election campaign launch in my ‘hood.

Very good speech from my MP in which she reminded us of all the good stuff she’s done compared to the local Lib Dems’ addiction to taking photos of themselves outside post offices/hospitals and then simply whingeing.

Guest speaker was Tessa Jowell. She was not so inspiring. I was rolling my eyes (I don’t think I was the only one) when she tried suggesting – in apparent seriousness – that because this is such a high-profile marginal seat it will get a lot of attention from journalists and therefore party activists should make sure they remain ‘on message’.

Pah. We are having most success on the doorstep when we focus on the policies of Islington Labour and when we make clear to people that an ‘x’ next to the name of the Labour Party candidates doesn’t have to signify an enthusiastic endorsement of Gordon Brown and everything the Government has done since 1997.


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