‘Nazi Boy’ Mark Collett now trying to emulate von Stauffenberg?


A wonderfully wacky news story is breaking. Mark Collett, Nick Griffin’s BNP protegé and the party’s publicity director, has been arrested! For issuing death threats! To NICK GRIFFIN!!

Mark Collett of course famously told a documentary crew making a programme about the BNP yoof contingent (‘Young, Nazi and Proud’) that “Hitler will live forever and maybe I will too”.

It’s now emerging that Collett has got himself involved in a bid to oust Griffin as BNP Führer. In fact, to oust him to such an extent that he would be ‘an ex-BNP leader, this BNP leader has ceased to be!’

Perhaps Collett – convinced that getting rid of the dictator and bringing in fresh leadership was the only hope of victory – wanted to organise a BNP version of the 20 July plot.

Fascinating stuff. Hopefully it can only undermine the BNP’s election campaign.


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