Being inundated with thousands of leaflets which require folding and delivering over the next seven days does not make me very receptive to emails like this:

Young Fabians 50th Year Event
Election Special with Lord Neil Kinnock

Dear Friend,

This is a reminder of our Election Special event tomorrow – Lord Kinnock in conversation with the Young Fabians. There is still time to book your place at the event.

I’m pleased to announced that former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, Oona King, will be chairing the event.

Lord Kinnock will be answering your questions about his time as Labour leader, the fight ahead for Labour at this general election, and the importance of young activists in holding Cameron’s Conservatives to account between now and polling day.

When will organisers of events like this realise that the time for chitchat is over! If I had my way I would have imposed a ban on any Labour affiliates holding conferences, discussion forums and suchlike from January.

Instead of going to meetings to talk about the election campaign it would be much better for these “young activists” to spend their evenings in their nearest marginal constituencies making themselves useful.

I’m sure most of them do indeed help out with campaigning efforts, but assuming that people only have a limited amount of time they are able/willing to devote to Labour-related stuff it is pointless for them to use up an evening listening to Kinnock waffle (as inspiring as that waffle may be) when they could be doing something more practical…

For example, they could fold and deliver leaflets!


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