Israel: ‘Noone likes us – we don’t care’?


Israel’s diplomacy these days is intriguing.

No serious sanctions are being taken against Israel by the UK and US for its (almost certain) involvement in assassination and for the building of more Jewish settlements in the disputed territory of East Jerusalem, but the governments of key allies are clearly miffed by Israeli actions.

Miliband’s expulsion of the Israeli diplomat today led to right-wing nutters in the Israeli Knesset condemning him as antisemitic. Hopefully Mr Miliband, who lost Jewish family members in the Holocaust, doesn’t take these predictably obnoxious rantings too seriously.

I wondered what British pro-Israeli blogs made of the situation. My favourite, Harry’s Place, doesn’t have anything on it (yet). Melanie Phillips at the Spectator has a wonderfully mad post (as expected) that decries the UK and US for “grovelling to the enemies of civilisation” and “lynching Israel”. Cuckoo.

Also quite amusingly, the scarily-philosemitic Chas has declared that “We’re all Mossad now”. He hosts a guest post where the author recommends visiting Israel.

Well, I would like to at some point in the future, but I’m now quite concerned that the Israeli secret services will perpetrate ID fraud and I’ll wake up one day to find out that I’ve apparently been involved in a strangling a Hamas commander with dental floss (or something).

All critical friends of Israel (as best friends must be) are surely worried by the actions of the Israeli Government.


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