Ed’s radical manifesto.


After a hard day’s work out on the doorsteps, it was good to come back and read today’s Guardian report outlining Ed Miliband’s promise of a “radical manifesto”.

Of course it’s never going to be as radical as your average Labour activist would want, but I was pleased to see that the younger Miliband brother’s was not talking about something dull like a ‘radical’ reform of choice in public service provision, for example.

Instead he’s hinting at boosts in the minimum wage, looking at expanding free school meals, and thinking about setting up a People’s Bank. I’d welcome these policies as they’d play well on the doorstep in my parts.

Ed Miliband has been asking for Labour types to email him with views on what should go into the manifesto. Whilst I would point out that party policy should ideally be decided through a democratic process, I’d be happy to drop him an email expressing support for these suggestions.

The other thing I’d like to see would be a firm committment to reducing inequality of wealth. Maybe I’ll mention that to Ed and see what happens.

We need to show that Labour hasn’t run out of ideas and that there are clear differences between us and the other parties. If Ed Miliband is to be believed, Labour’s manifesto may well be fit for purpose.


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