Labour Stupidity.


Maybe I sneered too soon at the Lib Dims.

Today I am annoyed by:

1) The PM condemning the BA workers’ strike. It looked like he was only doing it because the Tories told him to. The Government should have maintained its public neutrality on the matter. The fact that Unite provides Labour with much-needed funds cannot be dismissed as a consideration when deciding the Government’s approach on this.

2) Labour MP Laura Moffat announcing that she is standing down. This is a painfully unfunny joke – an MP saying that she’s quitting only eight weeks before the (probable) election. I hope that she pays for all the leaflets printed with her name and photo on them. Perhaps she can find someone else called Laura Moffat with a passing resemblance who can replace her? I’ve heard that her constituency party were treating her appallingly and she couldn’t stand it anymore. What a total mess; very dispiriting.

3) Labourites organising discussion meetings. With a general election just around the corner, I can’t believe that there are members of the Labour Party who still have time to organise chit chats rather than organise canvassing or leaflet deliveries. London Young Labour is holding an event in Portcullis House in the evening of Wednesday March 31st entitled ‘How do we win the General Election?’ Here’s a clue: CANCEL THE MEETING AND TAKE EVERYBODY TO THE NEAREST MARGINAL SEAT TO KNOCK ON SOME DOORS. I am similarly annoyed with the Fabian Society for doing similar things.


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One Response to “Labour Stupidity.”

  1. Danivon Says:

    I wondered about your comments on (2), because having been a member of the Crawley CLP I don’t think that Laura was treated ‘appallingly’. She wasn’t treated with kid gloves, mind.

    And then I heard about Ann Moffatt up in Scotland, and wondered if you had your Moffatts mixed up…

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