Lord Ashcroft is a dangerous leftist.


Apart from all the dodgy tax dealings and general unwillingness to tell the truth to the British public, perhaps another line we should be using against Lord Ashcroft and the Tories is that he has demonstrated his support for far-left governments on multiple occasions.

In Michael Gove’s article from April 2000 the current Shadow Education Secretary criticised the Conservative Party’s relations with Ashcroft but also noticed the artful tax dodger’s involvement with a leftist party in Belize:

One might have thought that any Conservative who emerged from the wreckage of the 1997 crash would pledge, above all, never to make those mistakes again. Surely they would steer clear of association with figures, such as Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare, whose talent for fiction rendered all connected with him, literally, incredible.  Surely they would jib at relying on such a man once they were told he was the paymaster of a left-wing party in the country whose interests he represented at the United Nations?

The Guardian has also reported that the Tory peer has been sniffing out business opportunities in everybody’s favourite Communist regime: Cuba.

This is Red Toryism gone mad!


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