Tory troubles.


Well, it seems someone else noticed how the views of Donal Blaney of the Young Britons’ Foundation do not sit very well with the image of moderate compassionate conservatism David Cameron likes to project.

It was a very easy story for a Tory-bashing journalist to pick up. Perhaps more should have been made of Blaney’s freaky obsession with Barack Obama’s middle name (Hussein).

I’ve got to say, I will miss Blaney’s blog (which is no longer public). Reading his thoughts provided boosts of anti-Tory energy to Labour activists up and down the country!

Also spotted this: a lobbyist has written “The musings of a Tory in despair”.

His analysis seems pretty sound. Why did Cameron not sort out the Lord Cashcroft/Sleaze from Belize’  situation years ago rather than risk letting it blow up in the weeks before the official election campaign starts, as it has? 

As a man once said:

If we can’t take this lot apart in the next few years we shouldn’t be in the business of politics at all.



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