Why does the Young Britons’ Foundation hate women?


I’ve posted before about the Young Britons’ Foundation organising events with sizeable lineups of Conservative speakers containing not a single woman.

Remember the great YBF sausage fest of October 2009?

Well, this being an organisation of change hating reactionaries it is perhaps unsurprising that things remain the same.

Tory Bear (no, apparently not that kind of bear) listed all the speakers at the YBF’s recent Parliamentary Rally. Here they are: 

Kindly hosted by Greg Hands MP

2.00pm Douglas Carswell MP (Harwich & Clacton)
2.15pm Alex Deane (Big Brother Watch)
2.30pm Gerald Howarth MP (Shadow Defence Minister)
2.45pm Jonathan Isaby (ConservativeHome)
3.00pm Andrew Rosindell MP (Shadow Home Office Minister)
3.15pm Raheem Kassam (Student Rights)
3.30pm Mark Wallace (The TaxPayers’ Alliance)
3.45pm James Delingpole (Author & Polemicist)
4.00pm Shane Greer (Total Politics)
4.15pm Simon Richards (The Freedom Association)
4.30pm Harry Cole (Sunlight Centre for Open Politics)
4.45pm Dr Liam Fox MP (Shadow Defence Secretary)
5.00pm Eric Pickles MP (Conservative Party Chairman)
5.15pm Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes)
5.30pm Iain Dale (Blogger & Publisher)
5.45pm Samuel Coates (CCHQ)
5.55pm Michael Rock (Conservative Future)

This must be deliberate! I mean, it’s not as if there aren’t any Tory headbangers of the female variety that the YBF could get along. Nadine Dorries would surely be game.

I find it bizarre that an organisation so enthusiastic about Thatcherism does not put more effort into promoting women right-wingers in the Conservative ranks.

But who am I to advise the YBF on how to conduct their own affairs? Long may they continue to demonstrate how weirdly old-fashioned they are!



One Response to “Why does the Young Britons’ Foundation hate women?”

  1. european Says:

    Because they are backward neanderthals

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