Akehurst on Foot.


Luke Akehurst’s thoughts on the passing of Michael Foot are worth reading.

I have read Foot’s much-praised biography of Aneurin Bevan. It’s a great work, though I can’t in all honesty say that I found it as life-changing as Ellie Gellard apparently did.

Foot’s death robs us of someone who was campaigning against fascism in the 1930s – and for that alone humanity is left poorer without him.

Some have remarked upon Foot’s principles. Others have reminded us of his failings as a political leader.

It shouldn’t be too much to want both socialism and the winning of elections.



3 Responses to “Akehurst on Foot.”

  1. Sadie Smith Says:

    It’s those sort of sentiments that gave rise to three terms of Labour Government. Makes ideological purity very difficult for the chatterati, that, so the understanding is that, whilst the latter is essential, the “winning of elections” part is best avoided.

    Okay, so the working classes *might* get a good rogering from the Tories whilst the Left polish their ivory towers, talk earnestly about poverty at “progressive governance” conferences, and absent ourselves from realpolitik, but it’s important to keep a sense of priorities, comrade.

  2. Sadie Smith Says:

    That could, of course, read “the former”, not “the latter”

  3. captainjako Says:

    Good ol’ language of priorities!

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