Our honourable friend in the north.


I’m annoyed with Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP for Islington North, at the mo.

Firstly, he had a letter in this week’s Islington Tribune about the future of the Whittington Hospital in which he pointedly failed to mention his colleague in the very marginal southern seat.

Fine, she’s not from the same wing of the party as Socialist Campaign Group member Corbyn, but surely it wouldn’t have hurt to have mentioned that both of Islington’s Labour MPs want the A&E unit at the Whittington to be retained. Not very comradely.

And secondly, I recently got round to reading the Harry’s Place post ‘Jeremy Corbyn: MP for rioters’.

I’m disappointed that Corbyn thinks it’s a good use of his time to campaign for people who throw bricks at police officers and police horses. I’m disgusted by him talking about “our friends in Hezbollah and Hamas”.

Tch, tch.


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