The mystery of Gordon Brown’s voting intention.


One of the highlights of last night’s canvassing session was knocking on the door of a resident with the vaguely familiar name of ‘Mr Gordon Brown’. I was very keen to find out whether he was a Labour supporter or not.

Unfortunately Mr Brown was not in last night so I had to make do with leaving him some leaflets. However, I am determined to return soon! Hopefully he will not be massive grump who screams profanities at me whilst wearing a towel or who throws mobile phones in the direction of bad news.

By the way, the canvassing results last night were very positive. The only person to mention the ‘Bully-gate’ story was a voter who thought that it was the press who were bullying the Prime Minister and that they should lay off the personal attacks.

Half the people we spoke to identified as Labour. All the rest were undecided. No-one admitted to being a committed Lib Dem/Tory voter. Everyone appreciated that the upcoming election would be very close and that voting was important. If we can keep this up, we’ll have a chance of scraping through in Islington…


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