Justice for Sean Rigg – Time to give the IPCC some ‘oomph’


I attended the Home Affairs Select Committee hearing into the working of the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The sister of Sean Rigg, whose brother died in police custody in 2008, was not very impressed with the IPCC’s “Mickey Mouse” investigation into her brother’s death.

In a very emotional testimony, she told the MPs that the complaints procedure was so insensitive and inefficient that she and her family had become convinced that the IPCC was simply defending the police.

Although I had every sympathy with her plight I wasn’t quite sure whether I agreed with such an assessment of the IPCC. However, the Chair of the Commission – Nick Hardwick – gave a very lame performance. It did exactly fill you with confidence that the IPCC was being rigorous in checking complaints made against the police.

It took the IPCC seven months to interview the cops present on the night that Sean Rigg died. Seven months – what a joke. Hardwick was unable to give a satisfactory explanation as to why the IPCC operated in such a lackadaisical way and it was clear that MPs were unimpressed.

Changes are certainly needed at the IPCC.



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