Summary of Thoughts 22/2/10

  • The Bully Brown story is a crazy mess. I’ve been keeping an eye on developments all day and it’s very hard to predict who’s going to come out worst. Gordo can clearly be a bit of a charmless grump, but the one time I met him he was perfectly pleasant. It was election night 2005 and I’d managed to get into the main Labour Party party. I was blocking Brown’s path to the drinks table or the toilet or something and so he said “Excuse me”. Very polite. No nonsense, uncompromising, but polite. The Pratt-by-name-prat-by-nature woman who squealed about her charity’s Downing Street clients has zilch credibility. How sadly predictable for Cameron to call for an inquiry – what happened to rising above the Punch and Judy politics? A more mature political culture would examine the Government’s success in prioritising anti-bullying efforts in schools.  
  • For once I agree with Nadine Dorries. Every MP should be made to undergo something like the Towerblock of Commons existence. Austin Mitchell was as disappointing as ever in this weeks episode – the final of the series. It was so frustrating to hear the manager of the threatened Youth Club say that she thought Mitchell could have done more to help her. I drew much satisfaction, however, from Dorries’ young host saying he still didn’t trust David Cameron even after meeting him and being subjected to the full ‘Call me Dave’ charm offensive. Dorries looked annoyed, but the young fella’s reaction seems to reflect what we’re seeing in the opinion polls.
  • Today in the Commons saw Oral Questions to MOD ministerial team. Lots of MPs – most of them Tories – were using the occasion to indulge in some enthusiastic saber-rattling. Concern was expressed with both Argentina continuing to lay claim to the Falklands and pirates in Somalia continuing to do piratey things. Tough Government responses were urged. Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell promised to be tough on piracy, tough on the causes of piracy. Personally, I’m beginning to think the greatest threat to our nation would be posed by a Pirate-Argentinian alliance invading Gibraltar. 
  • Politicians are usually campaigning to save hospitals. Well, any politician who campaigns to close one particular hospital can count on my support. The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital treats people with water. Homeopathy is, in the opinion of myself and anyone who applies scientific tests to the ‘treatments’, a lot of tosh and it is a scandal that it receives any public funding. If expenditure cuts are needed anywhere please can we make sure that NHS homeopathy services suffer first!
  • 11 weeks before election o’clock! Argh!

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