Cathy Ashton Google mentalism.


Cathy Ashton – everybody’s favourite election-dodging Labour peer who went from low-profile technocrat to fairly high-profile Eurocrat – was the subject of a Google search I conducted the other day.

I had only typed in ‘Cathy Ashton’ when Google automatically suggested some popular searches. Of course the largest number of search results is 806,000 for ‘Cathy Ashton EU’. Predictable. I was more bemused to see that the second highest was ‘Cathy Ashton Jewish’ (401,000 results) closely followed by ‘Cathy Ashton Communist’ (315,000 results) and ‘Cathy Ashton Bilderberg’ (181,000 results).

There are also 139,000 results for ‘Cathy Ashton Dalek’. I initially wondered whether Google-addicted conspiracy nuts were convinced that Cathy Ashton was part of a Jewish-Communist conspiracy, operating through the Bilderberg group, to use the EU and a force of Dalek mercenaries to take over the planet. But then I remembered that Cathy Ashton is known to be a massive Doctor Who fan and apparently has a life-size Dalek in her sitting room.


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