Some words of wisdom for Labour’s candidate in Newton Abbot.


The world of politics has been rocked by the news that Labour’s PPC for the newly created constituency of Newton Abbot in Devon is resigning his candidacy.

He is apparently miffed that the Labour Party want to devote resources to other seats where there might actually be a chance of Labour winning. Activists are being told not to hang around in Newton Abbot but to go to Exeter.

As someone who spent the early years of my Labour Party membership living in a rural, solidly Tory area, I thought all Labour people standing in such constituencies accepted that they were essentially paper candidates and that the best use of their time would be to support their comrades in more marginal places.

As is the case for many things in life, Nye Bevan hit it on the head:

“The language of priorities is the religion of socialism”.

Have a think about that and stop making such a fuss, Mr Ex-PPC.


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2 Responses to “Some words of wisdom for Labour’s candidate in Newton Abbot.”

  1. rosemary whitbread Says:

    Hi I just read your comment a year and a half later! What a year-the Tories appear to be demolishing both the health service and education system at the same time.

    I have been writing to people now for months about the dangers of this Health and Social Care Bill. I want to get a group going around here in Teignbridge ( or Exeter) to fight it where we can. Maybe we can’t change our actual MP but we can still try to get real facts out there that the government are hiding about their privatisation of the NHS Let me know if you know anyone interested


    We should save £10,000,000 waste of public money by privatising Margaret Thatcher’s funeral!

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