Embarassed by Austin Mitchell.


Well, that was another entertaining and insightful episode of ‘Tower Block of Commons’. I would be quite happy to see a law passed requiring all MPs to participate in similar schemes (living for a week with some of the most deprived people in the country for those who don’t watch as much telly as I do) before being allowed to take their seats in the Commons.

This week Nadine Dorries appeared as the replacement for IDS. Funny how Ms Dorries’ started to regain her ‘ooo I’m joost a working class lass froom Liverpoool’ accent almost as soon as she met her hosts. Keeping £50 notes in her bra was a dirty form of cheating. Tch tch. If you can’t survive on these benefits then why should you expect other people to?

But once again the politician who came across the worst, IMO, was the Labourite Austin Mitchell. He had no idea about the price of everyday items like milk and bread. Worse; he thought it wasn’t important for politicians to keep themselves informed of things like this. Plus he made numerous chauvinistic remarks throughout the programme. Not clever, not funny.

So disappointing. Maybe time for another Labour MP to bow out at the next election? His wife was also very irritating with her talk of taking one of the council estates residents around “London’s top dinner parties”. CRINGE!

Next week looks even more exciting with Nadine Dorries dressing up in a hijab, Tim Loughton recording a rap, and Mark Oaten witnessing a police raid. Excellent stuff!



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    […] both Private Eye and Jako said something similar about Austin Mitchell, regarding his recent appearance on TV, for talking about really elite dinner parties whilst they were meant to be living in supposedly […]

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