Odd choice of talking head.


Revolutionary agitator and football analyst?

I’m not sure if I hallucinated it. I was watching a report on BBC London news about John Terry no longer being England Captain when a beardy bloke called John Rees was suddenly asked to comment on the matter.

John Rees is, of course, one of the foremost Trotskyists in the country. He’s a former Socialist Workers Party bigwig and parliamentary candidate for the Respect coalition. One solution = Revolution and similar nonsense.

Apparently, however, he is a ‘social commentator’ and therefore a legitimate choice of person for the reporter to interview. I don’t have a problem with far-left weirdos being allowed on the telly, but I was surprised that anyone would consider Rees to be an authority on football. Perhaps the reporter was very, very desperate to find someone to talk to?

I can’t seem to find any reference to the report on the BBC website which is just making me more concerned that the entire thing is a construct of my hyperactive imagination.


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6 Responses to “Odd choice of talking head.”

  1. Proper Tidy Says:

    I’m no great fan of John Rees or the SWP but the constant swiping at leftwingers on this blog is a little disturbing.

    Shouldn’t Labour lefts be attacking to the right?

    As far as I’m aware, it isn’t a resurgent left of Labour movement that looks like it will form the next government.

    I’m a dirty Trot too, albeit not a swappie, and oh shock horror I really like football. I didn’t realise it was so unusual.

  2. Durbinite Says:

    Firstly, we’re not Labour leftists. We are all in the broadly-defined centre of the Party. At least one of our members is a fully paid up Blairite ultra.

    Secondly, John Rees and others in the SWP are not democratic socialists. They are largely unreformed Stalinists who we should be happy to attack. We also attack Tories but what we blog probably won’t influence anyone’s vote.

    Thirdly, for a lefty take on football, take a look at this article! http://www.labourlist.org/steve-longden-football-pricing

  3. Proper Tidy Says:

    Well, it is such a ‘broadly-defined centre’ that I think we all get a little confused these days.

  4. Dave Semple Says:

    I’d have said Jako was on the left of the party; Dave Green is the paid-up Blairite ultra I presume?

    As for the rest, Durbinite, what utter wank. At least Mr Graves can understand the difference between Trotskyists and Stalinists.

    The only party so utterly small that anyone in Labour should bother to attack are the BNP – and that’s because their members are ex-terrorists and they exploit racism, homophobia and other divisions in society.

    If you can’t see that then you’re just another red-baiter and should line up with your friends in the Tory Party.

  5. captainjako Says:

    I wouldn’t say this blog is “constantly swiping” at the far-left.

    I will, however, accept that the priority these days should be on attacking the Tories (blue or yellow). Especially since the far-left is almost totally irrelevant to the politics of the real world.

    I do however second Durbinite pointing out that people like the SWP are not democratic socialists and I do consider them to be political opponents rather than comrades who just happened to end up in a different party.

    I wouldn’t really self-identify as being on the Labour left, even though the political compass tests always put me pretty far out.

    I don’t mind this blog being infiltrated by paid-up ultra-Blairites as long as they write some bloody blog posts!

  6. Blairite Ultra Says:

    The plan to save both Britain and the Labour Party

    A) Force a Labour MP to resign immediately (maybe one of these MPs who have been enterprising with their expenses).

    B) Call a byelection.

    C) Parachute into the seat a certain Mr. T. Blair.

    D) Make Tony leader of the Labour Party again.

    E) Draw-up an aggressively New Labour manifesto, concentrating exclusively on expanding choice in public services.

    F) Erm…wait for general election victory and 4th term of government.


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