Tower Block of Commons.



Very watchable. I thought it was slightly unfair for Channel 4 to suggest that all MPs are equally out-of-touch about life on Britain’s housing estates, but the featured MPs did indeed come across as fairly clueless.

I was disappointed with the Labour representative, Austin Mitchell. He was the only participant who cheated by insisting that he stay in accommodation with his wife instead of living for 8 days with a real-life council house resident. They were supposed to be shadowing the lifestyle of a recovering heroin addict, but this seems to have not really been to the Mitchells’ tastes. Mrs Mitchell brought a laptop to amuse them in the flat and they travelled out  of the estate to attend a dinner party at a friend’s house.

Couldn’t Channel 4 have found a Labour MP who was willing to take the experience more seriously? Oh well, perhaps Mitchell will get more in the spirit of things in next week’s episode.

Respect to Lib Dem Mark Oaten for persevering in the face of adversity. Having groups of hoodies recognise you as the MP exposed by the News of the World for your dabbling with rentboys can’t be nice. Also: Tory Tim Loughton did well on the Birmingham dance floor.

Nadine Dorries is supposed to be featuring next week. Can’t wait.



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