Property-owning arrogance.


“Good morning. Sorry to bother you. I’m calling round with your local Labour councillors. Would you be interested in signing this petition in support of free school meals for Islington’s primary school children? Do you have any issues you’d like to raise with your councillor?”

“Any issues? Yeah. The block’s security gate.”

“Oh really? Is the gate not working properly?”

“What? No. It works fine.”

“Um, what’s the problem then?”

“I don’t understand why we need it.”

“Er, excuse me?”

“I don’t understand why the block needs a security gate. What is the point of having it there?”

“Well, security gates have been put in to improve – er – security. They stop people who don’t live here wandering around the estate and maybe committing crimes. Quite a few of your neighbours have been complaining about antisocial behaviour and security gates help prevent that.”

“Antisocial behaviour? Like what?”

“Like people coming here and smoking drugs. It’s been happening on the estate.”

“Oh. But I think we don’t need the security gates. If you’re trying to sell your house, they give a bad impression. That’s a big issue for us owner-occupiers. The gates drag down the house prices.”

“Ok, so a priority issue for you is removing the security gates in the hope that this will raise the value of your property?”


“Riiight. Well, thanks for your time and I’ll certainly pass your views onto the councillors. Actually, one more thing: do you tend to vote Labour in elections?”


“Ok. Goodbye.”



One Response to “Property-owning arrogance.”

  1. Al Says:

    I’m not quite sure why you bothered with the last question, though it does add to the bleak humour of the whole thing.

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