Marriage tax breaks – no thanks Dave.


Matthew McG helped with Jon Cruddas’ campaign for the deputy leadership and works at Blue State Digital (the clever tech strategists who assisted Barack Obama and Hope not Hate), so he already gets two Jako thumbs up. His new Facebook group also gets enthusiastic approval:

David Cameron wants to give me and Mrs McG a tax break just because we got hitched. But he won’t give a tax break to our friends who live together, or our mates who got civil partnered.

What a muppet.

Me and Mrs McG didn’t get married for a few quid in tax breaks. We got married because (a) she’s cool and (b) she thinks I’m great.

So, if the Tories give us a tax break, we’re going to donate it to an anti-Tory campaign group to send them a message:

Don’t discriminate against our mates just because they didn’t get married.
Don’t be sordid and make it seem like me and Mrs McG got married for money.

Join this group to tell David Cameron to stop being creepy – and if you’re married too, to be alerted when the time is right to hand over your ill-gotten tax break pounds!!

Join it, Facebookers!


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