Cowards are flinching, traitors are sneering.


There are two good posts over at Though Cowards Flinch today.

Paul points out that Hoon’n’Hewitts’ call for a secret ballot amongst the PLP to decide whether Gordo should remain Labour leader completely neglects to take into consideration the party rules. Party members and affiliated trade unions and socialist societies also have a say in the matter. Their opinions could not be completely side-stepped.  

The ignorance and arrogance of the terrible twosome demonstrates how some of these politicos are not only living on a different planet to the general population; they’re even detached from the realities of the political movement of which they are senior members and which has been kind enough to give them very profitable careers over the years.

I also like Dave’s post in which he finds himself in total agreement with Shaun Woodward. It’s not often you’ll find Dave praising a Cabinet minister for being “so righteously on message”! His analysis of the media response to the half-arsed coup attempt is bang on, IMO.


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