Corporate chemists and private equity companies pay Patricia Hewitt a lot of money for her advice so that we in the Labour Party don’t need to listen to it.


I only became aware of this latest anti-Brown plot this evening. I spent all day working outside today (takes more than a little bit of snow to stop me) and then went straight to a ward Labour meeting where we are so wholly fixated on local campaigning that the national political situation was not mentioned at all.

If only ‘Comrades’ Hoon and Hewitt were similarly focused on sorting out when the next round of leaflets will be ready to go out and on putting dates for phone canvassing sessions into their diaries.

Their very unconvincing attempt at toppling the Prime Minister (sending out an email! Apparently incompetently! With no obvious preferred candidate! Deary me!) only a few months before the general election will take place suggests that they are living on a different planet to the Labour activists who are getting geared up for the upcoming electoral struggle.

I’m full of criticisms of Brown’s leadership and I think there was a lot to be said for exchanging him for a fresher face after the disastrous European Parliament results last year. However, there is no doubt in my mind that we’ve now got to accept the leader we’ve got in place and put all energies into fighting our real opponents.

With Tory election posters going up across the country (I drove past my first one on the bus today – Cameron looks very CGI and the message doesn’t make much sense) and glossy Lib Dem propaganda coming through the letter box, the maneuverings of Hoon and Hewitt seem like pure self-indulgence.

I liked Martin Salter’s response to the email invitation to rebellion (as I’ve said before: he’s a good egg!):

Dear Geoff and Patricia,

I have to say that I agree entirely with Lynne Jones about your ill-judged circular calling for a leadership ballot.

I also happen to feel that it is inappropriate, to say the least, for a former Chief Whip and a current member of the Board of British Telecom  – who is standing down at the next election –  to be advising hard-working and full-time Labour MPs on who would be best placed to secure a Labour victory and their future employment prospects! The fact that you have chosen to broadcast your views to the media rather than in the confines of a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party speaks volumes about your true intentions.


Martin Salter

Well put, that man!

After the Conservative confusion over how much bribe money they really will give to married couples and the holes in their spending plans, I really did feel like Labour were doing a good job of rebutting the Tory arguments.

I hope we will be able to maintain some positive momentum even after this most unwelcome distraction provided to the media courtesy of the former Chief Whip (who has obviously forgotten a lot about party loyalty) and former Health Secretary (now essentially a part-time MP due to all her business interests). For shame!


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One Response to “Corporate chemists and private equity companies pay Patricia Hewitt a lot of money for her advice so that we in the Labour Party don’t need to listen to it.”

  1. Al Says:

    I half thought that it might be a bizarre practical joke at first – I mean, Hoon and Hewitt? Seriously?

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