Akehurst is an asset.


Luke Akehurst has sadly been very ill. Fingers crossed he’s getting better. His blogging has not been quite as regular as before. However, I was pleased to see that he has had time to put up some cracking posts recently.

Go check out Luke’s blog and read his criticisms of the Tories’ (vague) plans for marriage promotion through tax and his thoughts on the limits of e-campaigning.

Then there’s his post that rips into John Major. Former PM Major attacked former PM Blair the other day for his conduct of the war in Iraq. Luke is not letting Major get away with trying to take the moral high ground, and I think he needs to be quoted in full:

My top prize for New Year sanctimony goes to John Major for his pious little lecture about Iraq. Presumably he is proud that on his watch as PM he didn’t take the chance to topple Saddam at the end of the Gulf War, and instead allowed the Kurds and Marsh Arabs who had risen up in the expectation of liberation by US and British forces to be slaughtered, and in the case of the Marsh Arabs subjected to the destruction of the very environment they lived in. He must also be very proud of Britain’s “Unfinest Hour”, our refusal to act in Bosnia when the Serbs ethnically cleansed the Bosnian Muslims. To quote Nick Cohen on this “‘Pessimism’ doesn’t quite capture the malice of British policy. American attempts to lift the arms embargo on the Bosnian government were opposed by vehement mandarins. No-fly zones, relief for Bosnian enclaves, war-crimes tribunals and armed protection for humanitarian convoys were fought to the last ditches of the European Union and United Nations. ‘Any time there was a likelihood of effective action,’ said Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the Polish Prime Minister, ‘[Douglas Hurd, Major’s Foreign Secretary] intervened to prevent it.'” And equally proud of doing nothing to stop the deaths of over 1 million innocents in the Rwandan genocide. I know which one out of former PMs John Major and Tony Blair should be able to sleep at night and it isn’t the one who has been giving interviews about how carefully he followed legal advice.  

I don’t agree with some of Luke’s policy positions and I often find his views about the internal politics of the Labour Party to be a tad OTT, but posts like these confirm that the man’s no-nonsense thinking and unwavering committment to the cause make him a valuable political asset. Long may he continue to blog!


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One Response to “Akehurst is an asset.”

  1. Richard T Says:

    The other ‘sin’ that needs laid at Major’s door is the Matrix Churchill case. Th obscene manoeuverings of his government to cover up their hanging their agent out to dry and the unsuccessful attempt to stop the report getting the attention it needed (thanks to Robin Cook) were to my mind the most dishonest actions of a British Government in my memory.

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