Some resolutions for 2010.


  • Force more people to read the above book.
  • Do more to encourage readers to leave comments – even though the majority of you have found yourselves here after looking through approximately 100 pages of Google search results for ‘Lily Allen’.
  • Get round to writing a post about Salvador Allende (the bloke who features at the top of this blog). 
  • Finish radio play script.
  • Find myself a proper job (suggestions/offers to the email address on the right!).
  • Do my best to keep my neighbourhood Labour.
  • But at the same time I want to dedicate myself to more campaigning/volunteering that isn’t party political.
  • Try to write a guest post for Harry’s Place (if Clawes can do it, why can’t I?!).
  • Eat more chilli paneer.

Time to bring 2009 to an end:

As they remained at the window looking out over this scene for a few minutes after the train had passed out of sight, it seemed to Owen that the gathering darkness was a curtain that concealed from view the Infamy existing beyond. In every country, myriads of armed men waiting for their masters to give them the signal to fall upon and rend each other like wild beasts. All around was a state of dreadful anarchy; abundant riches, luxury, vice, hypocrisy, poverty, starvation and crime. Men literally fighting with each other for the privilege of working for their bread, and little children crying with hunger and cold and slowly perishing of want.

The gloomy shadows enshrouding the streets, concealing for the time their grey and mournful air of poverty and hidden suffering, and the black masses of cloud gathering so menacingly in the tempestuous sky, seemed typical of the Nemesis which was overtaking the capitalist system. That atrocious system which, having attained to the fullest measure of detestable injustice and cruelty, was now fast crumbling into ruin, inevitably doomed to be overwhelmed because it was all so wicked and abominable, inevitably doomed to sink under the blight and curse of senseless and unprofitable selfishness out of existence for ever, its memory universally execrated and abhorred.

But from these ruins was surely growing the glorious fabric of the Co-operative Commonwealth. Mankind, awaking from the long night of bondage and mourning and arising from the dust wherein they had lain prone so long, were at last looking upward to the light that was rising asunder and dissolving the dark clouds which had so long concealed from them the face of heaven. The light that will shine upon the world wide Fatherland and illumine the gilded domes and glittering pinnacles of the beautiful cities of the future, where men shall dwell together in true brotherhood and goodwill and joy.

The Golden Light that will be diffused throughout all the happy world from the rays of the risen sun of Socialism.

See you on the other side!


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2 Responses to “Some resolutions for 2010.”

  1. Dad Says:

    Happy new year!
    My first resolution…to get the torygraph on Saturdays; perhaps there will be an Odious Otis column to keep us all entertained.

  2. Thom Says:

    Keep up the good work, Jako! And a happy new year!

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