Daily Mail celebrates the execution of Akmal Shaikh.


Remember how the Daily Mail provoked a storm of fury when they published an article by weirdo bigot Jan Moir speculating about Stephen Gately’s death only a few days after the singer kicked the bucket?

Well, they’ve stooped to a similar level, if not even lower. Akmal Shaikh was executed less than 12 hours ago but today’s Daily Mail contains an article by Leo McKinstry entitled ‘Sorry not to join the liberal wailing: heroin traffickers deserve to die’.

It is full of the usual Daily Mail gibberish about “the human rights brigade” being responsible for crime and describes Akmal Shaikh as “amoral, selfish, and irresponsible”. Because laying the boot into someone killed earlier today is the moral, selfless, and responsible thing to do, eh Leo?

This being the Daily Mail, it’s impossible for the article to gain the editor’s approval without any references to celebrities. It is therefore accompanied by a big picture of Kate Moss and McKinstry predictably rants about drug-abusing celebs not being given meaningful punishments. Will McKinstry next be calling for Moss, Doherty, Winehouse and Michael to face a firing squad as punishment for their indiscretions? Surely that would act as a deterrent, following his logic!

On a more serious note: McKinstry’s argument (if it can be called that) would work better if there was evidence that China’s killing of drug traffickers was actually helping to stop people using heroin there. He can’t provide any – I certainly can’t find any. Even if I could, I don’t think we should trust any data coming out of a country run by a single party dictatorship. It is bizzare that McKinstry pours so much bile on our liberal, human rights-respecting legal system and is instead so enthusiastic about an authoritarian Communist state’s approach to dispensing justice. 

As for McKinstry’s boring claim that the death penalty lowers crime rates, well, zzzzz. Correlation does not equal causation. McKinstry writes that there were fewer murders and crimes in the 1950s when Britain still had the death penalty. Aside from improvements over time in police data-keeping and recording crime (which means of course the numbers will go up), McKinstry can’t back-up his argument that abolishing the death penalty led to more crimes being committed. You could just as well posit that mass ownership of televisions in the 1960s messed with people’s minds and increased criminality.

It would also help McKinstry’s rant if countries with the death penalty (such as China and the USA) had lower crime rates than Britain and if the safest, most crime-free countries weren’t ones where the death penalty has been abolished (places like New Zealand, Finland, Denmark).

McKinstry’s article is so outrageous and stupid I find it hard to believe he genuinely believes in what he’s writing. Perhaps he instead felt he needed to raise his profile a bit. I hadn’t heard of him previously. Similarly, I wasn’t aware of Jan Moir existence before her controversial piece – maybe McKinstry’s trying to repeat the trick? Daily Mail columnists often like to lecture everyone about morality but their primary motive is almost certainly a greedy craving for attention and the extra cash that can bring their way.

As FCO Minister Ivan Lewis said today: “Anybody with a modicum of compassion will be horrified” by Akmal Shaikh’s execution.

Clearly that does not apply to Leo McKinistry and the rest of the scum at the Daily Mail.


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8 Responses to “Daily Mail celebrates the execution of Akmal Shaikh.”

  1. Ivor Fairney Says:

    Four Kilos of Heroin is adeath penalty for many. If you are smart enough to drive a cab and organise travel for yourself you are smart enough to know that trafficing Heroin is a death penalty for many others. If you do not understand the question at the Airport did you pack yopiur own bags and are you carring anything for someone else you should not fly. Far too many liberals far too little responsibility.

  2. captainjako Says:

    Hello Ivor, you milkman of human kindness. Can you provide any evidence that executing drug traffickers actually lowers rates of substance abuse? It may surprise you to learn that some people with serious mental illnesses can still organise travel for themselves. If you dislike living in a liberal society that respects human rights so much may I suggest going to live in an authoritarian state….maybe like China!

  3. Danivon Says:

    captainjako – what is the evidence that he had a serious mental illness? All I’ve seen is diagnosis by someone who read his emails that he was bipolar. Hell, if anyone read my emails, they’d think I was nuts, but it’s not the best way to reach a proper diagnosis.

    Not that I support the death penalty at all, let alone China’s way of applying justice.

  4. captainjako Says:

    Indeed the best way to reach a proper diagnosis would be for a full evaluation, as his GP had called for, plus Reprieve’s mental health experts, but the Chinese refused to allow this.

    I have zero problem with propagating the opinion held by his family and his supporters that he suffered from mental illness, even if a proper diagnosis had not been possible due to Chinese intransigence.

    You do know what Akmal Shaikh was writing in those emails, don’t you? If you are writing anything similar to that then I would advise you to seek some sort of help.

  5. Jimmy Glesga Says:

    I am sure my mrs would be glad if I buggered of to China. But I am sure she would still wonder how I got there and for what purpose. I find it difficult paying to get to London never mind China. I am against the death penalty with the exception of pretend socialists. I am sure more is to come on this story.

  6. Audrey Cannon Says:

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  7. Tayna Czar Says:

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  8. Shanae Rigali Says:

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