Odious Ferry.


Otis tries to use his celebrated wit and formidable powers of persuasion to convince a passing motorist that foxhunting is a "ruddy good thing, yah!"

Otis Ferry, the clearly quite mental son of a boring musician, has been interviewed by today’s Sunday Times. He comes across as a wonderfully horrible character. 

Highlights include Ferry charmingly referring to Emily Thornberry MP as “some bitch from Islington” (Emily’s clearly doing something right if she’s irritating scum like Ferry). A recent poll has suggested 75% of the population is opposed to foxhunting – Ferry thinks they are “morons following Simon Cowell”. When asked how far he would go to campaign for a repeal of the hunting ban he suggests he could “blow myself up on a bus”. Excellent, mad stuff!

Otis Ferry does not seem to have much of a life outside of hunting. 27-year-old Ferry does not appear to have a job as such, although modelling brings in some moolah (conveniently Mummy is a model). He spends most of his time with his horses and hounds. However, it would be wrong to think he is in anyway small minded or a single-issue obsessive! The interview revealed that he does have opinions on other topical matters:

“We have such a magical country which is fading so quickly. I’m really not racist, but immigration is a huge issue for me … I don’t understand how it works and hate the thought of being accused of depriving poor Mrs Punjab of her [right to come here] but we’re all packed onto this tiny island, and I genuinely believe we are maxed out. But no one is brave enough to say there are too many people in this country.”

Just you and the BNP, Otis! Maybe if you put more effort into encouraging people from recent migrant communities to put on the pinks with you then foxhunting would not be considered the exclusive hobby of weird, probably racist, reactionary twits!

But perhaps the most offensive thing that emerged from Ferry’s gob is when he gets rude about David Attenborough, aka ‘The Nation’s Grandpa’:

He has always been “fascinated by wildlife”. He admired David Attenborough, “but then I saw him on Loose Women and I had to turn it off because he was flirting with these fat, ugly women. I thought, this is not the David Attenborough I want to be dreaming of”.

Oookay. Pretty strange that:

  1. Ferry is so inexplicably disgusted by the sight of David Attenborough talking to “fat, ugly women” (did they teach Otis no manners or lessons in basic decency at Marlborough College?!) on a television programme.
  2. Ferry wants to be having dreams about David Attenborough.

 The Countryside Alliance will surely be begging Ferry to take the advice of their PR consultants. I hope he maintains his cavalier attitude and rejects their help. I suspect that Otis Ferry is actually an undercover agent working for the League Against Cruel Sports.



3 Responses to “Odious Ferry.”

  1. Angela Cox Says:

    He’s a real “Bonny lad” isn’t he? I am not sure who is to blame Mummy married to a Pinochet supporter, Daddy ( a coservative and social climber) or schools . That is unless Nanny was as mad as all outdoors .
    David Attenborough , John Craven etc must wonder what they did wrong in life for such a fruit cake to ever even watch them. Look up Mummy’s new husband Mark Birley …if you think his stepson is questionable !!!!!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I don’t understand how Odious has come to have such inflated ideas of his station in life. His grandfather was a miner and his father grew up in a colliery village, both of which are normal and grounded and things to be proud of. It’s not as if Odious spent his childhood crawling along the Long Gallery in the ancestral home, shuffling his nappy past portraits of his blue-blooded antecedents.

    Obnoxious little oik. Money can’t buy true class.

  3. christine warman Says:

    A very strange person who thinks he is of some importance,I dread to think how he treats his horses and probably dogs,it seems he needs to grow up,at the moment he is the laughing stock of normal people.

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