Degenerate dancing makes Adolf angry.


While working down t’museum the other day I came across something in the archives that I found quite amusing.

‘The Lambeth Walk’ is a song and dance number from the 1937 musical Me and My Girl. It provided a bit of much-needed light relief in the late 1930s and became a worldwide hit. It goes something like this:

Nazi propaganda rag ‘SA Mann’ was very annoyed by the popularity of The Lambeth Walk. It was concerned that the dance was a bad influence on young Aryans. In its issue of January 6th 1939, ‘SA Mann’ warned its readers about the dangers of The Lambeth Walk:

We will not cast up reproach on its murky origins from the slums of London……even though this dance has already claimed the sacrifice of human lives. In Brighton a 52 year old waiter, called Herbert Brennan, fell dead from heart failure while doing the Lambeth Walk. with a frenzied cry of “Oi!” on his lips, the cry of the joy of living, he left this world for the eternal dancing ground. He was the first victim of the dance floor. Shall the sense of style of German society be next? A degenerate dance? No, a degenerate people! And these things go on not only in cheap dance halls and disreputable night clubs. Even high class hotels have opened their revolving doors to this disgusting bit of Jewish apery. 

Silly Nazis.


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